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Wrestling has been around for a while now. It was actually one of the first five sports that were part of the first Olympic Games that where held in Greece. And since then, well, a lot may have changed but it is still the sport that many love.

According to www.acepokies.net, nowadays, wrestling is both a sport as well as entertainment avenue. That is why we have several wrestling shows that have managed to catch the eyes of the viewers. And from those shows we have top wrestlers that have managed to stand out. And today, we want to look at those wrestlers who stood out to the extent that they managed to get their own action figures made on their behalf.

The Undertaker

One of the greatest and creepiest wrestlers of all time was The Undertaker. He had some top moves like the Tombstone that managed to knock out his opponents. And it was all that that and a whole earned his own action figures. The best of those cation figures was the debuted at the San Diego Comic-con International of 2013 that was a Mattel’s Flashback version of the wrestler. It was part of the toymakers Elite Series 23.

Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus was one of the baldest diva’s ion the wrestling ring, and it no shock that she also managed to get her action figure. The cation figure was created with a retro like twist that also came with a cartoony feel as well. The action figure has Stratus in here signature pose with a top written “100% Babe.” We are sure if we look closely at the best casinos online games we play today, we will be able to spot one or two wrestling figures that we recognise as well.

John Cena

The “You Can’t See Me” star was a fan favorite that the audience loved and the women literally adored.  He was a top wrestler who knew how to give the fans a great time and to make sure that he was never forgotten, he even got his own action figure as well.



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