Best slots: from slot machines to the highest jackpot ever

Best slots: from slot machines to the highest jackpot ever

The best slot machines. For some it’s the good old slot machines, for others the modern and 3D slots. Some people love progressive slots and are looking for the highest jackpot ever, while others love slot machines with a high payout percentage (RTP). Luckily, you can find it all online. To get you started, we’ve put together an overview of the best slot machines. That way, you’ll always be playing in pure class!

Tastes differ, also choice: Best slot machines

One day is not like another. Do you feel like trying your luck on one of the many slot machines today, tomorrow one of the progressive jackpot slots might attract more. In search of the highest jackpot ever. It’s cliché, but it also applies to the choice of best slot machines: it’s a matter of taste and highly subjective. And certainly also a snapshot in time. This applies not only to you, but also to us.

Our overview of the best slot machines, shown below, is therefore also subjective. Nevertheless, we tried to take into account as much as possible some important and objective factors in our choice: the reception online (popularity among gamers) and the RTP, because of course there must be enough to win. This has led to a very nice list of the – in our opinion – best slot machines of the moment, divided into several categories: fruit machines, progressive jackpot slots, most popular NetEnt slots, slot machines with the highest RTP, the coolest themed games and best games with both low and high volatility.

Overview: best slot machines of the moment

Fruit machines: to eat, so delicious!

‘Snack wisely, eat an apple’. It certainly doesn’t fall on deaf ears, because especially online, we like to indulge in fruit. Fruit machines, to be precise. Juicy fruits have been flaunting themselves on the reels ever since the advent of slot machines. Thanks to Herbert Mills who, in 1907, replaced the pictures on a classic slot machine with fruit symbols and thus created the fruit machine.

Since then, slot machines have become an integral part of the casino: both off- and online. For instance, on the World Wide Web you can find many digital slots that are inspired by old classics, the old school slot machines from the neighborhood pub for example. Think of Jackpot 6000 or Jackpot Jester 50,000. But nowadays you can also find a lot of fruit machines that have had an upgrade. The juicy fruits are still there, to satisfy the hunger, but they really splash off the screen. We have therefore included these modern games, such as Fruit Spin and Winterberries.

Progressive jackpot slots: win the highest jackpot ever!

Always dreamed of being a millionaire? At the controls of progressive jackpot slots you can not only keep this dream alive, but also realize it. The top prizes of these slot machines often run into the millions. This way you can turn your simple life into a luxurious one in no time. What more could you ask for?

To ask the question is to answer it. Hence, many casino enthusiasts also consider these progressive jackpot slots to be the best slots. And we don’t blame them. They’re fun to play and they’ll make you dream. Now if you want to know more about this amazing phenomenon and get to know the best slot machines of this type. Who knows, maybe you too will be chasing the big money in no time!

Most popular NetEnt slot: the best slots from the top producer!

NetEnt is one of the best known and most talked about game developers today. It owes this popularity primarily to the classic Starburst. Since its release, the out-of-this-world game grew at lightning speed to become a pure hands-off game. Thanks to the many innovative features and the very nice jackpot (up to $50,000).

But NetEnt is of course much more than just Starburst. It has a colorful collection of all kinds of games: from slot machines to slick slot machines with all kinds of original and different themes. But with one common similarity: they are all interesting games. The best slot machines are often also the most popular, so we have collected these in a separate article. Just click on the image below and read up.

Best slots with low volatility

Feel like just playing and having a good time? Then online slots with low volatility are just for you. This is because these slot machines carry little risk (of loss). Moreover, you can often play for hours on end with a (relatively) low stake because you win very often. The disadvantage is that it’s rarely a big fish. If you really want to make a financial hit, it is wiser to try one of the progressive jackpot slots or to go for an online slot with a high volatility.

Best slots with high volatility

Adventurous, not afraid of a gamble and looking for extreme prizes? Then online slots with high volatility are the best slots for you. On these particular slots games, the risk of losing is higher, but you can also cash out considerably more.

Thematic slots: inspired by anything and everything

Fairy tales, movies, imaginative universes, ancient civilizations. You name it, there’s a slot out of it. Game developers not only let their online slots be inspired by things in our current (pop) culture, but also regularly come up with their own creations. Everything must be distinctive, because originality scores. There are therefore quite a few thematic games on the market.

Checklist: Quickly to the best slot machines and slot machines 

The above overview will of course help you in your search for the best slot machines, but we can imagine that you would also like to discover for yourself what the crème de la crème of online slots is. It remains subjective after all. That’s why we’ve put together a quick checklist. It’s a three-step process to determine which slot machine is the best for you today.

Get clear on what you want to play

This seems simple, but it is far from it. The sheer number of games on offer makes this more of a case of “easier said than done”. Still, there are a number of ways that can help. One way is to browse through the slot reviews, for example on this site, to get a clear idea of what type of slot and theme you prefer today. Moreover, it’s good to think about the reason why you want to play. Are you going for financial gain or a fun game? In the former case, progressive jackpot slots or games with high volatility are the best choice, while in the latter case, online slots with low volatility are interesting again.

Visit the online casino

Whether you succeeded at step 1 or not, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the various providers. In the game overview of the digital gaming houses you can easily search for options such as theme and type (jackpot, classic, etc.). This way you quickly find the game of your choice or finally find out what you really want to play.

Play and win!

Now that you have an idea of what you want to play and have found the right slot machine, let’s just play. Have fun, and above all, good luck.

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