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Best books for learning about horse racing betting


To achieve success in any sport, bettors often turn to literature for insights, strategies, and inspiration.

Below, we focus specifically on horse racing, and delve into some of the most famous and influential books on betting on this exciting sport.

Each of the books on our list offers to the reader what we believe to be a unique perspective and valuable knowledge for those looking to gain that coveted edge at the track.

And so, whether you’re enjoying Caulfield Cup betting on a massive race with deep historical roots or a lesser known but beloved event in your hometown, we’ve got the best literature to keep you covered.

The Winning Horseplayer

Andrew Beyer’s “The Winning Horseplayer” is a classic in the world of horse racing literature, which is why we’ve decided that it belongs at the top of our list of top literary picks.

The author introduces the concept of speed figures, a revolutionary approach to evaluating a horse’s performance based on its speed in previous races.

Beyer’s approach and methodology has become essential for serious sports bettors, offering a systematic way to assess a horse’s potential in any given race, no matter the distance.

The Complete Handicapper

James Quinn’s “The Complete Handicapper” is a comprehensive guide to handicapping techniques and strategies.

Quinn explores various factors, including class, speed, pace, and form, providing readers with a well-rounded approach to picking winners.

This particular book is a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced bettors looking to sharpen their handicapping skills and gain that special edge.

The Odds Must Be Crazy

Len Ragozin’s “The Odds Must Be Crazy” is about much, much more than clever wordplay.

It delves into the methodology of the Ragozin Sheets, a popular tool used by horse racing bettors the world over.

In this classic tutorial, Ragozin explains how to use speed and class ratings to evaluate horses and make profitable wagers.

This book is invaluable for those who want to harness the incredible power of data-driven analysis in horse race betting.

The Skeptical Handicapper

Author and horse racing enthusiast Barry Meadow’s award-winning book, “The Skeptical Handicapper”, offers a fresh and certainly refreshing perspective on horse race betting.

Meadow encourages his readers to approach the sport with a critical mindset and question traditional handicapping methods.

He provides alternative approaches to finding true value and making profitable bets, thereby challenging conventional wisdom.

The Art Of Race Betting

Fred Davis’ “The Art of Race Betting” is a classic literary work that focuses on the art and psychology of horse race betting.

Davis explores the importance of discipline, money management, and emotional control in the world of competitive betting.

This book is especially valuable because it provides a holistic approach to successful horse race wagering.

My $50,000 Year At The Races

My $50,000 Year at the Races is another amazing book by acclaimed author Andrew Beyer. The book takes readers on a captivating journey through his personal experiences as a horse racing bettor.

Beyer chronicles his own ups and downs, sharing super anecdotes and lessons learned along the way. It’s a must read for anyone who enjoys the thrill of the bet.