Beginners guide for betting on wrestling

Wrestling competitions have lots of fans globally as many people find it relaxing and a way of expressing themselves. Wrestling is categorized as entertainment sports. Unlike other professional sports, betting is scripted, and the winners are predetermined. Having predetermined winners does not bar its fans from betting since only a group of people can access such information, which is kept private.

Nowadays, several online sportsbooks allow one to bet even from the comfort of the home. Still, it is recommended to check the local laws in your state first, as for example, sports betting is legal in New Jersey, but not in many other states.

Before you jump into betting on your favorite wrestlers, here are a few things you may need to know if you are a beginner.

Reasons to Bet on Wrestling Matches

Like betting on other sports, you get tons of benefits to accrue when you bet on wrestling matches. Below are a few of the benefits:

1. Entertainment

Would wrestling not be even more fun if you could have the chance of winning some cash at the end of the competition? Most people are compelled to watch the game to completion and enjoy it all through since they have financial gain at the end. Besides, it is even more intriguing when you watch to figure out whether or not you made the right prediction.

2. Has value

Most sportsbooks focus on popular professional sports such as soccer and spend less time and resources on setting lines for the wrestling matches. Therefore, when you are keen and have done extensive research, you may find loopholes to their bad lines and take advantage of these to make more cash.

3. Limited risk expected

Most online bookmakers limit how much punters can bet on the wrestling matches due to risk measures. Limiting how much you can bet on implies that you are also protected from placing exaggerated bets out of impulse and protects your bankroll.

Types of WWE Bets That You Can Make

Like any other sports betting, WWE betting also has different types of betting that you can choose from. For WWE betting, you notice that they are simple and easy to comprehend. However, to guarantee increased chances of winning, you may need to be sure of the type you choose, and this is possible when you have conducted extensive research.

1. First to appear

With this type of betting, you need not predict who will be the ultimate winner or loser of the wrestling match. Instead, you only need to predict the wrestler who will make the first appearance to the right.

2. First-time winner

First time winner type of betting requires you to check on the list of wrestlers who have never won before and choose one who will win for the first time in their wrestling career. Such kind of bet has minimal risks since you can research the form of the wrestlers, whether or not their counterparts have injuries, and the kind of skills they have.

3. Longest time in the ring

Such a bet expects you to predict the wrestler who is most likely to spend the longest ring time. However, with such a bet, your fun may be short-lived when your wrestler of choice is eliminated fast.

4. Elimination bet

The elimination bet is one where you wager your bet on the wrestler, most likely to make other wrestlers meet their fates fast. However, it does not necessarily imply that the wrestler has to be the ultimate winner.

5. Bout outcome bets

With this kind of bet, you are to predict the kind of outcome the match will have. Therefore, you are not confined to telling who the winner or loser will be but the kind of events that will lead to the end of the match.

Tips for Successful WWE Betting for Beginners

Betting is fun and entertaining. However, you can choose to make it a business and make something out of what you love. The difference between a successful punter and an ordinary punter may be the kind of betting strategies they incorporate.

1. Research

For other sports bets to be successful, you may have to analyze the different skills of the contestants and their past games to understand expected predictions. However, it would help if you kept in mind that random WWE outcomes are already predetermined, unlike other sports betting.

In this case, you will notice that the skills and past game results do not matter as much. Your focus should be on the history of the bookmakers’ decisions. Since the bookmakers are human beings, they are bound to lean more towards favoring a certain wrestler. Understanding their patterns improves your odds of winning your bet.

2. Check on the wrestler’s reputation.

You may need to check on what kind of reputation a certain wrestler has established in the wrestling scene. A wrestler with a reputation of winning is bound to win and have a certain type of treatment instead of other wrestlers. Banking your cash on such a wrestler gives you an upper edge in winning.

3. Check on what trends the writers have.

You may need to check on their patterns to determine whether they pick certain outcomes earlier in the season or wait for the end of the season to surprise their fans with the outcomes. Once you crack the code on what sort of trends the bookmakers tend to rely on, you are set to winning your bet.

4. Check on expert advice.

Just like other sports betting, wrestling bets also have expert analysis. Such experts never know the outcomes but have studied the trends and can improve your odds by giving you an insight into the wrestler with better winning chances. Expert advice can be found on the experts’ sites or WWE blogs.


Most people never know that wrestling betting is a thing. However, with the popularity of this entertainment sports surging globally, the need for fans to bet on their favorite wrestlers is also on the rise. These days there are several WWE betting sites that people can use when betting.

If one is not careful, one may come across fraudulent sites. Therefore, you may have to take your time and research these sites to ensure that you are investing your cash on the right site. WWE betting’s popularity is fast growing and is not about to die anytime soon!

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