“Battle of Britain” – Drew McIntyre throws a wrestling match to Tyson Fury

Drew McIntyre of the WWE has raised people’s expectations about a possible high profile fight with Tyson Fury the boxing superstar.

The first ever WWE title for the Scot came when he defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36, and he’s now looking forward to having a ‘Battle of Britain’ with the self titled ‘Gypsy King’.

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It should be noted that Fury has also been at the heart of professional wrestling. In October 2019, he had a stint at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view, and in that battle he defeated Braun Strowman through a count-out.

He has always been open to coming back to the ring after that and if what McIntyre is wishing for finally materializes, then we may see him in the ring once again.

When talking to The Sun newspaper, he suggested that his major concern at the time is for the superstars to lay hands on the available opportunities first. For him, they’ve put in more work than the others, and because of that, they deserve to get it first. And for him, they will definitely get it because this project is obviously for them.

However, this may actually be where the match with Fury comes in as a ‘Battle of Britain’.

No one doubts the fact that the Fury vs. McIntyre fight would be a very huge draw for the WWE world, and according to McIntyre, this is on the lips of many of the fans. But beyond their fans, they also desire to lure in people that have not been following the WWE.

He accepted that Fury is a very intelligent guy and that he is aware of the popularity of the WWE, understands the popularity, and knows how it is loved all over the world.

For him, Fury is always out to entertain, and Fury called him by name during the build up to WrestleMania. But he mentioned Fury’s name only after he became victorious at WrestleMania.

Drew concluded by saying that when Fury heard his name, he capitalized on the opportunity, and they enjoyed some friendly banter. But it’s also not lost on him that the proposed bout between Drew McIntyre, the champion of WWE, and Tyson Fury would be a huge match.

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