Awesome imports: seven overseas superstars

In the 21st Century, wrestling is gaining significant attention on the betting scene, with fans worldwide diverting their focus from the latest Gentleman Jim Review to explore the newest Wrestling odds.

Undoubtedly, wrestling has always boasted international appeal, with performers from various corners of the planet captivating audiences with their talent, charisma, and signature moves, and Wrestlemania turning into a global event. Any scepticism about wrestling’s multinational allure is swiftly dispelled by a glance through the history books. Here, we present seven of our favourite overseas stars.

PAC (England)

PAC, the wrestler with moves that’ll make your jaw drop! He’s not just adept at defeating opponents; he’s also skilled at forging formidable alliances. Whether dominating in Dragon Gate as a member of Typhoon or making waves in AEW alongside Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix in Death Triangle, PAC’s alliances are as strong as his holds. With numerous championship belts to his name, he’s the epitome of a fun-loving wrestling champion!

Eddie Guerrero (Mexico)

Eddie Guerrero, the wrestling icon with a swagger matching the size of his heart, dazzled audiences for almost 20 years! A WWE Hall of Famer, he adorned championship belts as if they were fashion accessories—WWE Champ, United States Champ, you name it! But beyond the gold, his passion for the sport and the joy he brought to fans worldwide defined his legacy. Eddie Guerrero: a true maverick in the wrestling world! Sadly, Eddie’s story ended tragically, with the legend passing away in 2005 at just 38.

Shinsuke Nakamura (Japan)

Shinsuke Nakamura, the Japanese wrestling sensation, has enthralled audiences globally with his infectious energy and breathtaking moves! From dominating New Japan Pro-Wrestling to making waves in the WWE, he’s amassed titles like candy, including the prestigious IWGP Heavyweight Championship. With his unique charisma and devastating kicks, Nakamura has formed legendary tag teams and electrified crowds alongside icons like AJ Styles.

Drew McIntyre (Scotland)

Drew McIntyre, the Scottish sensation, has left an indelible mark on the ring with his remarkable achievements! He captured the WWE Championship, etching his name in history as the first Scot to do so, and threw in a Royal Rumble triumph for good measure. With his impeccable skills and undeniable charm, McIntyre’s ascent to the summit has been nothing short of meteoric, earning him a legion of fans in the WWE universe!

Rusev (Russia)

Rusev, the Bulgarian powerhouse, burst onto the WWE scene in 2014 like a force of nature! With muscles rivalling his heart in size, he seized the United States Championship and embarked on a victorious streak that had fans chanting his name. From epic clashes with legends like John Cena to stealing the spotlight at WrestleMania, Rusev made the most of his time on the big stage! Rusev now plies his trade as Miro in AEW.

British Bulldog (England)

Next up, the British Bulldog, also known as Davey Boy Smith! This powerhouse from England left an enduring legacy in the wrestling world. With muscles aplenty and manoeuvres that left spectators in awe, he notched several championships, including the WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team titles. Recall that unforgettable showdown at Wembley Stadium in ’92, which saw him triumph over Bret Hart and etch his name in wrestling lore!

Pacifica Islander (Australia)

Last but not least, Pacifica Islander – the wrestling superstar renowned for injecting fun into the ring! With moves as fluid as the Pacific breeze and the power of a tidal wave, he has clinched numerous heavyweight titles and left crowds clamouring for more. From his finishing moves to his unforgettable antics, Pacifica Islander’s career is a rollercoaster ride of excitement you won’t want to miss.

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