An Overview of streaming, streaming services, and a review of classy beef

In the modern age, sometimes human beings do underestimate how the internet has made things so convenient for everyone. From being able to order groceries or sending messages instantly from the comfort of your home to any part of the world, the internet has given us a lot to be thankful for. Another element that has grown in popularity in recent years are streaming services. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of streaming services and how classy beef, a group of video game streamers, rose to prominence on the streaming service known as twitch https://casinobrend.com/classybeef.

How streaming rose in popularity:

Streaming can be defined as the transmission of audio or video to a user located in any part of the world. The most commonly streamed forms of entertainment are video games, movies, television shows, and music. A stream usually requires a constant internet connection to run without interruptions.  So it’s no secret that streaming services have grown in popularity as internet speeds have gotten much better over the past decade.

Audio streaming:

Audio streaming generally involves podcasts and music. Most music streaming services are available for free in most countries around the world. In such cases, users also have the option to opt for a premium subscription that offers no advertisements as well as offline music. Sometimes certain artists may not be available on one service which means that you’ll have to use the service they are available to enjoy their songs.

Streaming movies and TV shows:

When it comes to movies and TV shows, there are a plethora of applications available. They often require a subscription to watch. The user can opt to pay for a subscription either on a monthly or yearly basis. The growth of such streaming services has seen a noticeable decline in the number of people tuning into cable television.

Streaming for games:

Streaming for video games is something that has turned into a job for many people. The popular site twitch is the hub for video game streamers. Although YouTube also has introduced a live stream feature, more and more creators are switching to twitch as the consensus is that twitch rewards streamers more. In twitch, most of the screen is taken up by the video game the streamer is playing and a small box is dedicated to the displaying the streamers face via a web camera. Generally streams last around 1-2 hours. Users can leave comments on the stream to which the streamer may or may not respond. Users also have the option to donate to streamers if they enjoy the content they produce. These donations can range from being as small as 5 dollars to larger amounts. Additionally, streamers also have advertisements on their streams through which they also make money.

It’s by no means easy to become a video game streamer. First, you need a proper setup and equipment. Your computer should be more than capable of handling both playing games and streaming at the same time. This ensures a pleasant experience for both you and the viewer. You also need to have a super-fast internet connection to stream without any type of buffering. Lastly, you’ll also need a proper web camera and a microphone. Not having a proper microphone can result in bad communication and people losing interest in your streams.

Now, a look at classy beef:

Classy beef is a group of four streamers from Malta that stream online casino games on twitch. The statistics certainly tell an impressive story. Classy beef has around 90,000 followers on twitch and over 5.7 million views in total for all their streams. For their first stream, they had only 11 viewers but they recorded a peak of 38k viewers on August 31. Averaging thousands of viewers on a daily basis, they’ve established them as the stalwarts of the online casino streaming niche on twitch. Generally, the streamers from classy beef bet small amounts that any average person can bet. However, they have also gained a reputation of taking risks when necessary such as when a casino offers bonus prize money. Probably the most impressive thing about classy beef is the fact that they can land huge wins by betting minimal amounts. Classy beef does not disclose its earnings to the public or its viewers.

The four horsemen of classy beef are:

  • Espen
  • Joe
  • Marko
  • Nando

Espen and Joe are the founders of classy beef. The idea to launch a streaming channel dedicated to casino gambling was born when the two of them met at work. As the project gained success, they decided to hire new people. The newest member of classy beef is Nando who joined somewhere around February and March 2020. Classy beef also had another member called Kevin but he left the team some time ago.

Winnings of classy beef:

As mentioned earlier, classy beef has a reputation of winning big with even moderate stakes. Classy beef members are always on the hunt to try different slots and different online casinos to keep their viewers entertained. In addition, they also teach the mechanics of every slot machine they try to their viewers, thus keeping all of them well informed and encouraging them to try their hand at gambling as well.

Social networks:

In addition to twitch, classy beef is also highly active on other sites such as YouTube. There’s a YouTube channel called classy beef highlights with over 5k subscribers and over a million viewers. The channel is dedicated to posting the best clips from their streams and all the funny moments from their winnings. Classy beef is also highly active on Twitter and Instagram, where they keep their fans updated and constantly post information regarding their new games. They also have a Facebook group but that is said to be inactive at the moment.

At the end of the day, classy beef is a group of four people who love what they do. They provide great entertainment thanks to the amusing reactions they offer and are also very interactive with their fans. If you are looking to get into online slot machines, then watching classy beef will certainly help.

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