All the successful game incarnations of wrestling

Wrestling has been a huge cultural phenomenon. Its entertainment value is without bound, and even though not everyone is a sworn fan of the sport, you cannot deny its impact on society and culture. Today, we take a look at the gaming aspect of WWE, and specifically the best wrestling video games you can find out there. In doing so, we ought to mention Blueprint gaming bingo sites, too, as Blueprint Gaming has already come up with some pretty awesome online wrestling-themed games, such as El Jackpotto. In any event, we will right now take a look at the best video game reincarnations there are.

1. Saturday Night Slam Masters

Saturday Night Slam Masters is one of the oldest games featuring wrestling. Capcom developed it, and it was ahead of its time. The game’s graphics were excellent, part of Capcom’s desire to make a lasting impression on American audiences – and it did. Even though the gameplay is a little repetitive, the cool graphics, and awesome mechanics are worthwhile.

2. WWE 2K14

Fast-forward to 2014, and you have good old Hulk Hogan featuring in one of the most ambitious reiterations of the game. Now, there is no doubt about it – WWE 2K14 has been created with all the love fans of the time deserved. Adapted for PS3 and Xbox 360, this title was to put simply – rich. It was rich in colour, design and authenticity. Each wrestler had a fantastic skill set of moves and phrases, taunts, and many other features to enjoy. The WrestleMania mode was a smart and worthwhile addition making it all very valuable.

3. WWE All Stars

For some reason, WWE All Stars didn’t stick at first. Perhaps the game arrived in a slightly too stylised wrapping for the tastes of the average WWE fan. Well, whatever it was at the time, we are very sure that this title is a gem that you ought to dust off the Steam or Epic Games’ store shelves and give a shot to.

THQ San Diego developed the game and the team behind the product features many talented developers who spend a good amount of time not only watching wrestling but also working on various game development projects related to wrestling in the first place. The mechanics were another great thing about this game – you needed the skill to win.

4. WWF No Mercy

They call it the best video game in wrestling. Well, despite the lack of flashy graphics, the great entrance of characters, and the general ambience being a little underwhelming, WWF No Mercy gives wrestling fans the uncut sort of entertainment they want to see. WWF No Mercy puts the player out on the ring with chairs flying, and all kinds of cool fighting moves to unfold at the whim of one’s controller. The title definitely could have used a major overhaul of graphics, but for true WWE fans, WWF No Mercy is the title to swear by.

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