A few of the top WWE wrestlers in the world

Writing about something like this could cause some people to be unhappy with the list. So, let me just go ahead and say that the entire list is subjective and my personal preference. Wrestling is nothing but two or more people fighting in a ring and trying to be the last man standing. Wrestling is now mainly held as purely an entertainment factor. But there are some people who do take wrestling seriously. There is even a lot of betting involved. So much so, that sometimes it can rival the amount of money being bet on a idn poker game. If you want to learn about poker or betting in general, you can always visit poker online Indonesia. With all that being said, let’s take a look at a few of the top wrestlers in the world.

Kurt Angle:

Kurt Angle was born in December 9th, 1968. He was an armature American wrestler before he got signed into WWE. After winning a gold medal in the summer Olympics during the summer of 1996, he soon started his career in WWE. Even though he had little to no experience in professional wrestling, he became a fan favorite very fast due to his constant win streaks and signature moves. With moves like the Ankle Lock or the Olympic Slam, he was very entertaining to watch.


Of course, who can forget the choke-slamming, mask-wearing, terrifying wrestler called Kane? My friends and I were big fans of Kane while we were growing up. His mask alone made him look cooler than all the others. And when they announced the relationship between him and Undertaker, the crowd absolutely went wild. Every match between him and Undertaker was thrilling and entertaining.

The Undertaker:

His entrance was the best entrance in the entire history of WWE. He sometimes used to come in a Harley and his theme music that played whenever he walked to the ring was truly terrifying. He also used to hide his eye balls by rolling them backwards, which was kind of creepy but very cool, none the less.

Brock Lesnar:

One of the most powerful wrestlers ever to join WWE was also the first one to defeat The Undertaker and end his winning streak. Also being the former UFC and NCAA heavyweight champion, his raw strength and power has been an inspiration and motivation to most of the youngsters trying to build their body. It was always brutal and absolutely raw whenever Brock entered the fighting ring. Watching him was like watching an animal go wild.

The Rock:

Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock, is now a very successful Hollywood actor. But before he started being recognized by his movies, The Rock was once the number one WWF fighter in the world. His strength and speed was unmatched and The Rock hardly last any games. He was absolutely everybody’s favorite and was the most fun to watch when it came to being entertained. His attitude and approach towards life was also loved by a lot of people.

These are my top 5 wrestlers. I am sure some of you might disagree, but like I said, this list is subjective.


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