A beginner’s guide to horse race betting

For over a thousand years, horse racing has been one of the oldest sports in the world. To American’s, horse racing and horse race betting are not relatively new. In fact, it grew to be one of the ultimate American past-time.

Nothing compares to the rush you get from watching the horses go crazy for the last-minute push to get lead, and we fans would go haywire with this. It will get everyone hooked. Whether you are a seasoned bettor or a neophyte enthusiast, horse race betting will unquestionably anchor you for every gambling penny you have.

Know which event you’re betting on.

America has a long history of betting and horse races in general. Spanning the whole history of the US, horse race betting has been a household event in which both young and aged people can both enjoy.

Getting to know the different horse racing events is crucial to any bettor as each event has a tailored set of rules, guidelines, and even specialties only present in that event. Choosing the suitable event to bet on can help you garner more winnings.

The key to winning more is to choose the most attended horse race. Audience equals winnings. The more people present means more bets placed, meaning, if you win, you get more. It’s just simple math. Take into account the Kentucky Derby. The estimated annual purse of the KY Derby is currently valued at 3 million dollars. Minus 1.8 million for the winning horse, you get 1.2 million divided to the bettors. See the math?

Choose the right racebook.

With the height of social media and the internet craze, racebooks are now going online. This doesn’t change the aspect of betting; it’s just simply more accessible since you can virtually access the current books and top odds in just a click, anytime and anywhere.

This gives bettors and experts to see current odds as soon as it refreshes. There are no more waiting times, no more going to event stands or racetracks, no more talking to physical bookies. It’s all online.

Some online betting websites already offer a racebook in your account once you log in. This saves you time and effort, and time in researching, as it automatically updates your account with better odds for your next bet.

Finding the right online betting website takes time. It’s good to research options and ask friends on what website they prefer. It takes time as some websites only open their details and options when you create an account, but some already show their details without accounts. It all just depends on you on what you prefer.

Learn to read the odds.

Once you’ve already chosen a betting website, reading the odds should be the next step on your list. Odds are listed on the website to help you see which horses are currently on the top bet and which ones aren’t.  Odds also determine how much money you are getting to get if the horse you bet on wins.

Reading odds is crucial to betting as it determines the probability of a win. A simple way of reading horse race odds is this:  if the odds are shown in the form of 5-1, it shows the number of profits to the amount invested. So it means that for every $1 you bet, the total return if you win is $6.

The tools of the trade: Choosing the winning horse

No bets are won without its star: the horses. It’s easy to spot winning horses among amateurs, but even experienced bettors can even get their bets wrong when choosing horses.

The best way of choosing the winning horse is to read odds, find statistics, know the pedigree, age, gender, and luck. Not all winning horses win at the last race. But then it’s still your decision on who to bet on. You can try exploring new horses or newbies in the races. Just be sure to put on a lucky color or lucky charm to make sure your horse wins.

Choose the right bet/s.

There are different types of horse race bets, but not all are available in every race. Different bets also lead to different wins, and it’s easier to bet when you’ve analyzed both the horse and bet type you chose.

Bets in horse races are categorized into two: Straight Wagers and Exotic Bets. Since we are starting simple, straight wagers are ideal bets for beginners. In straight wagers, you only bet on one horse, but with three possible ways to bet:

Win. A bet to win essentially means that the horse you bet on will come in the 1st place.

  1. Place. A bet to place essentially means betting on a horse to win first or second place.
  2. Show. A bet to show means betting on a horse to win either first, second, or third place.

If you’re feeling the fun and want to explore more on your bet, you can try betting on different horses in a single bet. This is an exotic bet. Exotic bets allow you to bet on two or more horses if you can’t choose which horse you’d like.

In Summary

With all these strategies, it’s just a matter of time for you to finally win a bet from these races. Horse race betting is a better way to get that thrill for a typical gambling game. Remember that this is only a game, leisure, a getaway from day-to-day experiences.  Keep in mind that it is important to let ourselves go and have a chance to enjoy some slice of life in this pandemic season.

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