A beginner’s guide to every WWE shows and online gambling games

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a sporting event celebrated year-round. Last January, the WWE Royal Rumble took place, succeeded by the NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day. This March, the WWE Fastlane is happening in St. Petersburg, Florida, which will highlight another set of Superstars wrestling inside the Chamber.

Unlike other types of sporting events, WWE is scripted, and the fate of the participants is predetermined. That said, few people can only know the game’s outcome, and they guard this information with their lives. In this way, fans and bettors can still get a chance to bet on their dedicated bookies to win money.

What makes WWE betting more exciting than any other sports when the game is scripted? Is there a profit you can get when risking your time, money, and effort when wagering for this event?

Why Should You Bet On WWE?

Regardless of how the sporting events’ rules work, betting games hold the idea of risking money and gaining a profit when you hit the bullseye. WWE may not attract millions of punters like what the NBA and NFL do, but it is still gambled by an overwhelming number of sports bettors.

WWE Betting Offers Great Value

Sports betting is a business, and bookmakers do their best in forming odds that can attract the punters to use them. Games like football and basketball are larger events compared to WWE. With this in mind, sportsbooks lay too much money and effort in forming odds and may not put a lot of attention to smaller events like WWE.

There are varieties of betting categories you can wager in WWE. All of them provide great value, which can help boost your bankroll in no time.

WWE Betting Is Fun

The goal of betting in WWE is mainly beating the bookies’ lines. At the same time, the excitement and thrill it gives are an added juice you can get when you wager for this. Remember that winning is more fun when you take part in the action-packed show, cheering for the entry you risk your money upon.

WWE Betting Offers Limited Risk

Since bookies take too much time in bigger sporting events, they might create bad lines for WWE betting games. Not only that, but the categories are limited, so you have fewer chances of losing your money.

Popular WWE Games To Bet On

As mentioned, WWE features different kinds of matches every month. Here are some popular WWE games every sports bettor can bet on.

Monday Night Raw

Popularly known as the Raw, this is the flagship program of WWE. It happens every Monday night on the USA Network. The Raw brand currently holds five championship games, which are:

  • WWE Champion
  • Raw Tag Team Champions
  • Raw Women’s Champion
  • United States Champion


Referred to as SmackDown or Friday Night SmackDown, this is another famous WWE event that settles every Friday nights aired on the same network. Four championships are included in this brand:

  • Universal Champion
  • Intercontinental Champion
  • SmackDown Women’s Champion
  • SmackDown Tag Team Champions


NXT is a developmental division of WWE and considered as a supporting brand. This is a platform where starters are jousting. It is considered as the lowest WWE tier but still attracts a number of bettors. Here are the four championship brands that NXT is carrying:

  • NXT Champion
  • NXT Tag Team Champions
  • NXT Women’s Champion
  • NXT Cruiserweight Champion

What Are The Different Types Of WWE Bets

One of the advantages you get when betting at WWE is its simplicity. Compared to other sporting events, the wagering games are straightforward. It means you don’t deal with confusing odds and lines.

The most played betting games in WWE are the straight bets. It is simply picking the winner of the whole match. Not only that, but there are also betting games that happen by predicting the winner in each round.

Digging the WWE betting games deeper, here are some categories that most punters look up in every WWE match.

  • Longest Ring Time
  • First-Time Winner
  • Bout Outcome
  • Elimination Results
  • First To Appear
  • Appearance Bets

These betting categories are mostly appearing in all WWE games. You only have to compare the tale of the tape of both players to identify who will reign supreme.


Betting in WWE games is fun, especially since it’s easy to understand. You don’t have to deal with Spread or Money Lines like other sports tournaments are offering. In fact, you can consistently win when betting in WWE as most bookies are setting bad lines looking at it as a whole.

Although the thrill it brings is lesser than the betting games you play in basketball or football, it gives you a less worrying factor. It is because your risk factors are limited, and it does not require a huge amount of money to start betting.

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