7 things you didn’t know about playing video games

Do you or any of your family members play video games? Especially in real money slot machines? If you answered no, what’s your reason for not playing? Do you have negative views about playing video games? Or do you discourage your kids from playing video games?

I’ve got a feeling that you said yes to the second question. I don’t know your opinion about playing video games. But whatever it is, there are many things you didn’t know about video games. But you needn’t worry! You’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn 7 things you didn’t know about playing video games.

The Strengths of Playing Video Games

Video gaming is therapeutic! And here’s the evidence.

  • Stimulates healthy brain — Games revitalise your brain cells. It can help you perform different tasks simultaneously.
  • Develops problem-solving skills — It requires you to think and act strategically. Playing video games regularly can make you a skilled problem-solver.
  • Relieves stress — Video games enable you to get lost in the game. You forget your current problems. And you experience a moment of relaxation.
  • Socializes and connects — When you play with the headset on, you can connect and socialise with friends easily. Your interaction feels physical.
  • Ensures safety — You can play most video games indoors. You can minimise in-person meetings, thus reducing your exposure to criminals. You also worry less when playing video games. You’ll therefore need fewer pain killers. You’re thus safe from drug addiction.
  • Fosters teamwork spirit — Multi-player video games require you to work in a team. You can, therefore, develop good social and interpersonal skills. Playing multi-player games can also help children improve their performance in school.
  • Improves vision — Playing video games involving shooters can improve your vision and precision. But there’s a condition! Spend acceptable time in one sitting.
  • Improves manipulative skills — Controller-based games can steady your hands. The strategy can help the performance of surgeons.
    • Makes you physically active — Video games that jolt you off the couch to your feet is beneficial. You can use many devices to play while on your feet. If you’re looking to improve your physical fitness, go for such devices.
  • Playing video games provides a learning opportunity — You play video games to win. If you fail, you keep on trying! You can learn perseverance and confidence in playing video games.

Who Plays Video Games?

Did you know that playing video games is for all people? Do you also know that there are no gender or age limits? Research findings further show that video games have no boundaries or race. It doesn’t matter your nationality or status. There’s a game for you.

Take this instance! 75% of households in the US, one member plays video games. The highest number of players is in the 18-34 years age range. And the average age range of a video game player is 35-44 years. There are approximately 46 million people with disabilities who play video games.

Data on the number of hours spent by video game players is astonishing. On average, gamers spend over one hour weekly. 70% of kids under the age of 18 years are video game players. Their population is 51.1 million. Another 163.3 million adults are players, representing 64%. Thus, the total number of video game players in the US is 214.4 million.

What Video Games Do They Play?

Both males and females play different video games based on age. Many men in the age range of 18-34 years play shooter, adventure, and role-playing games. Women in the same age range play family, action, and racing games. The table below shows this information.

Table: Video Games Played

What Devices Do They Use?

Video game players use different devices based on age and gender. Most men use a console and a PC to play action games. Women use smartphones to play casual games with friends. A look at the table below can confirm the information.

Table: Devices Used To Play Video Games and With Whom

Gamers aged 65 years and above prefer to play the Book of Ra game. They do it alone, as opposed to gamers in other age ranges. Research reveals that 65% of video gamers play with other family members or friends. The screenshot below shows the percentage of others with whom you play the video game.

Other devices are owned by video gamers besides the common ones used in the table above. These include handheld systems, VR devices and mobile VR devices. The screenshot below presents a summary of these devices. The screenshot also highlights the most popular game genres.

Why do They Play?

Many video gamers have varied reasons for playing. Video games help them connect with friends, family and other gamers. To them, video games have become a daily pastime activity. Some use video games to compete, entertain, cooperate, and foster teamwork. Find the common reasons for playing video games in the table below.

Table: Reasons for Playing Video Games 

Overall, players think that video games have a positive impact on their lives. Based on the foregoing evidence, video game players play considerably long. Adult players claim to have spent over 25 years playing video games. And the minimum number of years spent playing video games is 1–5 years. Most players say that you can play anytime, anywhere! You can play after work or school, during the break, or while waiting for appointments. See the evidence in this screenshot.

Over to You!

There you are! In this article, we’ve discussed 7 things you didn’t know about playing video games! And there are many more. It’s up to you now. Decide whether you play video games or not. Reconsider your views about video games and take massive action! The only thing to pay attention to is to consider the time spending on video games. Don’t forget to have breaks and rest!

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