7 Reasons to Become an Emergency Medical Services officer

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Everybody needs a hero, and we all have different definitions of what a hero should be. EMS, or Emergency Medical Services, is most known to be associated with an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). EMTs work ambulance service and they save lives – making them heroes to many.

If you’ve been considering careers and you want to do something that helps people look into joining EMS. Working in emergency medical services can be a very fulfilling career. You can touch lives on many levels. If you have any interest in the medical field, but you don’t want to pursue years of training for being a doctor, I hope you will consider the option of entering the EMS field.

We’re going to dig deep and share with you all of the best reasons you should consider becoming an emergency medical services officer. Doctors are very special people that can come from any type of background but don’t overlook the fact that EMS officers can do big things from any background as well.

1. You Get in on the Action

The life of an EMS officer is rarely dull. It’s exciting and the adrenaline flows. EMS workers get a front-row seat to traumatic action and they play a very big role in quick, urgent medical needs. EMS personnel are the first on the scene and without their assistance and quick responses, many lives are saved and many injuries are lessened.

It’s certainly not all about the action, and the action here can many times be frustrating and hard to bear. You will most likely be subjected to many heartbreaking scenarios, but you have the opportunity to make a difference in times it matters most.

2. A Free Education Well-Earned

Truth be told, these public service personnel rarely get enough credit for what they do. EMS personnel endure long, hard hours of hard work and rarely get thanks. Most of these officers do not do it for the thanks, but the fact remains that it can be a very thankless line of work.

Becoming a paramedic or EMS officer of any sort does require training and specific schooling, but all of those expenses are reimbursed due to the public service position. No need to worry about the mounds of student loans and school debt when you finish, that financial aspect will be taken care of.

3. The Learning Potential is Indefinite

You will be coming across new scenes regularly, you will find new scenarios you have to work through, and technology is constantly adapting. This field constantly changes and adapts around you, helping you learn and grow continuously.

Aside from on the job training and adaptation, the field offers extensive training opportunities as they want to prepare you to the best of their abilities for any type of skill that you may need. They certainly want you to be able to handle those abstract situations without panic.

4. Steady Reasonable Income

EMS professionals make a genuinely decent income, compared to many other service fields. The average pay of EMTs throughout the United States is slightly over $20 an hour. You work hard, but you make good wages. The industries that pay this type of wage on average are few and far between.

This is a stable and reliable career path that you can stick with from your early career days clear through retirement and you will earn well throughout your career.

5. A Chance to Serve

As an EMS officer, you spend an exorbitant amount of time serving others. As we mentioned earlier, this can be a very thankless job at times. Your satisfaction can be found from the work you are doing and the impact you are able to have on other lives.

EMS Professionals have a rewarding career in that they touch many people in many different ways. The opportunities to help others are endless. There will be days you might feel defeated. There will be days you will be downcast. Then there will be days that you see someone’s smile or you save someone’s life and you will feel that joy of having helped a person or people who desperately needed your help.

Don’t let the idea that not all days will be filled with awe and not all days will feel accomplished through helping others halt you from considering EMS work. The beauty lies in the unexpected, but just know that you give it your all and do the best you can do and that is making a difference even when you don’t see it.

6. A Uniform Family

You become connected to those you work with because you spend long days with them and you’re working side-by-side, many times through intense experiences. Your fellow EMS workers become a 2nd family to you. You have each other’s backs on and off the job.

Another twist to this point is you won’t have to worry about what you’re going to wear to work or whether you need to dress to impress. EMS officers typically have a uniform that includes cargo type pants, polo shirts, and standard EMS boots. It is very common for these uniforms to be made for comfort and convenience on the job. No need to spend tons of money shopping on that work wardrobe, it’s determined for you!

7. Emergency Medical Services Professions are Right for Life

You can start training towards an EMS profession at the age of 16 and can officially begin your career at 18. This is one of the few careers with specialized schooling and training that you can jump into at such a young age.

You can retain the career for life, and through retirement options and fair wages, you can work hard, save comfortably, and someday retire comfortably as well.

In Conclusion

Emergency Medical Service careers are not for everyone. They take a lot of hard work and determination to be successful. Becoming an officer in this field can ultimately be well worth it if it is right for you. Choose today to become someone’s hero.


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