7 great reasons to watch WWE!

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is, surprisingly, one of the most popular sports entertainment television shows in the world. Bothe adults, and kids, love watching WWE. Still, there are a lot of people who don’t get the hype. In this post, we will share with you, the great reasons to watch WWE.

It’s The Longest Running Weekly Episodic Television Show in History

Yes, it is! Monday Night Raw happens to be the longest television series. Friday Night Smackdown follows hot on its heels, coming in second. This means that you can never run out of episodes to watch, ever!

It’s Fake, But We Don’t Care

Most WWE fans actually know that WWE is fake. But, guess what, they don’t care! they love watching the scripted show and the fact that nobody actually gets hurt in the process.

They Have Catchy Storylines

There are always great stories for viewers to look forward to. In fact, there are different storylines to suit everyone. The stories range from love triangles to friends backstabbing each other. This definitely keeps viewers coming back. In fact, a lot of real pokies online players take a break from gambling and catch up on these storylines.

The Have Live Shows All Over the World

There are live shows every other week to keep viewers glued. These include Smackdown, Raw, NXT, and many other pay-per-view shows. Furthermore, WWE superstars travel all across the world to allow fans to see their favorite stars live.

There’s A Wrestler for Any Fan

WWE has a lot of stars, from the good to the bad. This means that you will definitely have a star that appeals to you. In fact, you are bound to have a favorite.

Girls, It’s Not Just Men You’ll Be Watching

We love how they have Divas in there, as well. The girls bring their own storylines, friendships, feuds and fights to the ring. You shouldn’t underestimate them because their matches are just as good.

You Are Not Alone

Surprised? Don’t be! There are over 1 billion fans all over the world who follow WWE on social media. According to www.cansportsbetting.ca, this means they have more followers than other sports like NBA, NFL, NHL, and other big brands like Sony and Disney. In the past year alone, WWE had over 5 billion views. That’s a huge number! What does that mean? It means you’re not weird for watching WWE, and you are definitely not the only one.


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