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5 tricks that will help you win big on crypto sports sites

Sports betting has brought significant changes to the way and manner people place wagers in recent years. When gambling on sports, you need to be proactive and quick as everything occurs in the twinkle of an eye. However, with the introduction of cryptocurrency, bettors are in for a rush of short and fast-paced sports betting.

Crypto comfortably caters to the speed of sports games and transactions compared to fiat currency. Hence, many are switching to betting on crypto sports sites, especially using Bitcoin. Nonetheless, gambling, no matter what form, can be very tricky; it takes a lot of skill and patience to make profits.

One does not just pick up a device, log into your platform, and start betting immediately. It would help if you kept certain things in your mind to avoid losses. Every bettor has their style or strategy that they apply to their bet; staking on sports is not something on a whim. Moreover, it would help if you made specific calculations and permutations to achieve a reasonable profit. Therefore, check this resource to discover some of the best ways to win big in crypto sports betting sites.

The Basics of Crypto Sports Betting

Once you have any cryptocurrency and you intend to use it for sports betting, automatically, you are already a Bitcoin sports punter. Unfortunately, many newbie bettors hear about Bitcoin sports betting and think it needs to be clarified. However, they need to learn that Bitcoin sports betting is staking with the various crypto you can find.

Crypto sports betting simply put – where players use digital currencies as the primary payment source. It bears the same similarity as traditional sports betting sites. However, the difference is that you gamble with crypto like Bitcoin, litecoin, and dogecoin rather than using fiat currency.

5 Tricks that will Help you Win Big on Crypto Sports Betting Sites

Winning big on online bookies like Bitcoin sports betting sites depends on your strategy and quick-wittedness. The most profitable bettors always have a bag of tricks on them whenever they log into an online bookmaker. They study the game and know the perfect bait to apply to the current match, and in most cases, it works in their favor. Therefore, here are ten tricks that will help you win big in Bitcoin sports betting sites.

1. Always research your selected outcomes

When placing your bets, especially on sporting events, review every outcome you select through proper research. If you want to win big in sports betting, you must be willing to invest time and effort. Check the statistics on every game you want to play, and run the analysis on the option you wish to select.

For example, many gamblers backdate their stats up to five years to get a perfect description of how the outcome will play out. Hence, many pro bettors use third-party apps for their stats. However, some Bitcoin sports betting sites have an inbuilt data sheet; you can check this resource to help your bet.

2. Control your Bankroll

Many may think winning big on Bitcoin sports betting sites is by staking high, but this is not the case. Placing huge bets would rather incur you to suffer heavy losses and start an endless loop of wasted chances. However, controlling your bankroll is the primary way of winning big on Bitcoin sports betting sites.

You control your bankroll by controlling your bets, knowing when to stake high and knowing when to gamble low. Also, when you make profits from a chance, always set aside a specific percentage, which should be higher than the amount of your initial bet. Furthermore, investing small amounts and slowly racking up your profits is best. Although, you need to be very careful and know when it is the right time to take a break.

3. Try Out Accumulators

Rather than focusing on a single bet, try out multiple bets by playing accumulators on the site. Accumulators are like the jackpot of sports betting sites; you can win exceedingly big when you try out accumulators. In accumulators, you can play multiple games in which the odds are numerous, thus leading to an even higher payout.

Also, you have the option of adding games from other sports, which helps by eliminating any competition you consider to be risky. So in an Acca bet, you can have soccer, tennis, and basketball in the same chance.

4. Use your Bonuses and Promotions

An unfamiliar way of winning big on Bitcoin sports betting sites is by using the bonuses given to you by these bookmakers to stake high.  The platform always rewards frequent bettors with specific amounts on their bet accounts. Therefore, one of the best ways to put these bonuses to perfect use is by staking them on higher markets.

Some casinos may limit the expected payout when you bet with prizes so that you can split your bets in such cases. The main advantage of this trick is that if the change is successful, you stand to gain a lot, but if it isn’t, you practically lose nothing.

5. Select a Bitcoin sports betting site of high reputation

Most people have yet to learn this, but the type of platform you are currently registered on determines the quality of profit you can get. For example, sports betting operates on market odds, and each bookmaker has its value of odds offered. Lesser quality sites usually have lower odds attached to their market selections, thus limiting your profits significantly.

But this is different when operating top-notch platforms; their odds are generally the best in the industry, making them the perfect option for gamblers who play to make large profits. Aside from the odds, they also have additional features on their platforms that makes betting more profitable. Picking the most suitable wrestling websites for example is increasing your chance to win – by getting better info, analysis and latest news.


Making significant profits when gambling all lies in your hands; you need to be willing to do your research, control your money, and know when to stop. Additionally, you need to know the perfect time to apply such tricks and make them work in your favor.


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