5 mistakes most people make when betting on sports

Almost every major sport now has some betting service, from soccer and basketball to baseball and wrestling. Of course, the primary leagues and tournaments get the most attention. You will find more English Premier League, WWE, and World Series betting options than lesser-known leagues.

While you are betting, one thing is consistent across the board – most people misunderstand how betting works. For many, betting is a quick and easy way to earn money. This is, however, an illusion. While luck plays a role in determining the outcome, you are more likely to lose your bets if you do not understand the fundamentals.

This article will highlight some common mistakes you should avoid for a better chance of winning your bets.

Following recent trends

This is an understandable rookie mistake. Recent trends in a particular sport, such as which teams are winning or losing, are sure to influence your perception of what the best bets would be. While betting based on trends may work out from time to time, the more experienced gamblers know it is also essential to deviate from trends.

The reason is quite simple. When a team or athlete is in the middle of a winning streak or a great run, more people are bound to place their bets on them. Therefore, thanks to the dynamics of demand and supply, such winning teams and athletes get overvalued very quickly. As a result, bookmakers overprice them since they know that most people would place their bets on these winning teams and athletes. You will therefore be spending more money for worse odds.

This is why people with more experience tend to go contrarian at intervals. They hinge their bets on teams and athletes with less-than-ideal performances. These teams/athletes tend to be undervalued by bookmakers and, as such, provide more profit when they win.

Making emotional decisions

If you cannot disregard your personal feelings in favor of objective decision-making, betting might not be a good venture for you. In betting, your head should always take priority over your heart. It is, therefore, no surprise that most people who gamble based on biases and gut instincts almost always end up losing their bets.

If you want to improve your chances with your bets, it is essential to avoid emotional decisions. Instead, ensure your analysis of the odds is as objective as possible. This means that you should base your decisions more on facts than whatever inherent biases you have. Do not simply bet on a team or athlete because you are a fan. This strategy would most likely lead to a long streak of losses.

Betting on a sport that you’re not familiar with

Another important guiding principle when betting is to stick with what you know. Just because you know or have heard of someone who won big in a particular sport doesn’t mean you should bet on that sport. It would be best to only bet on a sport when you understand the rules and fundamentals. In addition, for whatever sport you’re interested in, it is essential to be aware of the various variables that affect a team’s/athlete’s odds of winning or losing.

For example, wrestling betting might be unsuitable if you don’t follow wrestling or even understand the rules determining winners. If you’re bent on exploring a new sport, you should conduct extensive research and learn as much as possible about that sport. This way, you have a better chance of winning.

Chasing your losses

While nobody wants to experience losses, it is important to understand that they are part of the betting world. Therefore, if you intend to get into betting, you must prepare yourself for losses, as they are inevitable. When this happens, the best thing to do is to move on.

However, many try to redeem themselves by placing even more bets to earn whatever amounts they lost. This can quickly develop into a dangerous habit, especially when they continue to lose. The real problem with chasing your losses is the desperation that accompanies it. Desperation and betting don’t work well together as you’re likely to become more susceptible to making bad decisions.


Betting is best viewed as a fun side-venture that might earn you extra money from time to time. However, avoiding any unhealthy obsession with betting is vital as that may lead to significant financial issues for you. In essence, you should avoid spending unreasonably on betting. Instead, an excellent approach is to spend only the amounts you can afford to lose.

If you intend to bet consistently, it might be helpful to learn more strategies and tips for bankroll management. This way, you can maintain financial discipline and keep your bet amounts in check.


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