5 intriguing facts about CS: GO

While so many people can’t imagine their lives without CS: GO, they play every single day. With the audience of five million, the game has become super successful in the eSports betting sector. There are various CS: GO tournaments occurring each year, which allows passionate players and their teams to demonstrate their skills to each other. In fact, it takes pretty much time and effort to gain the skills required to participate and, ultimately, win at CS: GO.

Regardless of all pros, CS: GO enthusiasts spend hours playing and betting on https://csbet.gg/en. Nevertheless, they can’t know everything about the game. Here are 5 facts about CS: GO that will surprise you.

Detecting the Bomb in Smoke, Easier with the Online Tutorials

When it comes to CS: GO, the challenges are inevitable. As a Counter-Terrorist, your mission is to detect and defuse the bomb. Of course, it’s not easy at all, especially, if the terrorist team knows how and where to hide it safely. There is a little trick that can help you locate it. The bomb will be placed on the ground or on the object within the bomb site. If the bomb is placed in smoke, you can find it by keeping your online tutorials on. When you hear beeping that grows in volume, it means that you get closer to the bomb. Once the bomb is found, face it by holding “E”, the default key for defusing a bomb.

Chickens in Cobblestone

Have you ever played Cobblestone? If no, you may not know about chickens roaming the streets. Hens have been part of CS: GO from the very beginning. But they just stayed in the same place and pecked until someone shot them. In 2012, hens became able to walk around and give reactions. This made the game look more realistic yet more engaging. Moreover, they can now be seen wearing seasonal costumes for Halloween or Easter sometimes. No need to say how funny it looks.

Unplanned Initiative

It’s hard to believe, but CS: GO was never planned as an independent game. CS: GO used to be a port for CS: Source for consoles. But it is now known as the successor of the game. Moreover, the game is close to becoming a legend on the video gaming market.

Getting Money in Overpass

What if there is a place in CS: GO where you could get money in a few seconds? Well, there is such a place. Being new to the game, you have such an opportunity in Overpass. There is an online bank where you can get money. The TTL Bank has an ATM that you can rob. Let it be a small hint for you!

Memorable Graffiti

The graffiti on the walls make the game atmosphere more realistic. Basically, there are walls featuring graffiti art in particular districts. They memorialize the best pro plays. If you have favorite CS: GO pros, it will be nice to check the area for artwork.

Bottom Line

CS: GO often updates its features, so you will always have something new to learn about it. Without expanding your knowledge, you will fail to pass even the simplest missions. The above-mentioned facts are only tiny drops in the sea. But even they are valuable enough to enhance your CS: GO acknowledgment.

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