5 great careers for fans of wrestling

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Do you love wrestling but don’t want to get in the ring yourself? Are you looking for a way to get more involved with your favorite sport? Do you want a career that you love and brings you closer to the action? Then it’s time to find a career in the wrestling industry!

When people consider wrestling careers, they only think about the athletes who actually participate in the ring. But there are many other roles that are necessary to keep the sport alive and entertaining. So if you are looking for a career in the wrestling world, read on to explore some ideas.

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If you’re a fan of wrestling and enjoy training others, then becoming a wrestling coach may be the best career for you. As expected, wrestling coaches help wrestlers work on their moves and forms to ensure success in the next match. They also advise their athletes on the best diets and lifestyles to ensure they are at peak health and don’t have any disadvantages in the ring.

To become a wrestling coach, you may need a degree in kinesiology, business, or a similar field. This role may also require experience coaching in other ways, such as for other sports or as an assistant coach. Furthermore, your passion for wrestling will pay off in this role as you must know all the sport’s rules to train your athletes effectively.


If you love the rules of wrestling and don’t mind enforcing them on emotional and intimidating athletes, then you may do well as a referee. Being a referee consists of more requirements and training than being a coach. You will need to take exams to ensure you understand all the rules and when to make certain calls. Referees must enroll with a local state board and become certified before refereeing any matches.

As a referee, you will have the best seat to the action but must be vigilant at all times to ensure no rules are broken. You must do your job fairly and not show any bias toward any of the wrestlers in the match. Furthermore, you must have a calm and cool head as the wrestlers will often disagree with your calls. Therefore, you should also be mindful of the hazards while working the job, as you can easily get hurt if you aren’t prepared.


Do you have charisma and charm? Do you know how to keep the crowd entertained? Are you great with commentary? Then you would be perfect as a wrestling match announcer or commentator!

Announcers are the second most entertaining part of a wrestling match (only outdone by the wrestlers themselves). They need great charisma and must know how to work a room to keep everyone entertained and engaged. This is the show business side of wrestling but is one of the reasons why it has become such an entertaining sport.

You don’t need formal training or licensing to become an announcer, but having a background in acting, improv, or the entertainment business is a plus. You should also have a thorough knowledge of the sport and the wrestlers in the match so your commentary remains accurate. Furthermore, like a referee, you will need a cool head and the ability to take criticism because you might get a lot of it from the athletes or even the crowd.


If you’re interested in the creative and organizational side of wrestling, then you may enjoy being a wrestling booker. A booker schedules the events, pits athletes against one another, and comes up with much of the themes, angles, and marketing for the event. If the wrestlers are the actors of the match, the booker is the screenwriter.

Though there is no obvious career path to getting a booker position, there are some skills you need to succeed. First, you will need good organizational skills as you are the one who will set everything up. The schedule needs to work for the wrestlers, and everything must flow well throughout the match. For example, you need to provide the wrestlers enough time from breaks recovering from injuries and factor in commercials.

You will also need sales and marketing experience as you are essentially selling and marketing the match as though it is a product. This is what makes the wrestlers, the organization, the networks money. So you need good sales skills to make sure fans show up with cash, and everyone is profiting from the match.

Work With A Wrestling Organization Or Network

Every wrestling organization or network operates just like any other company. They need professionals in IT, marketing, sales, business, and other aspects to keep the company running smoothly. So even if you don’t have a history in entertainment or sports, you can still find a job within the companies that broadcast and support professional wrestlers.

This is the best option for those who don’t want to get directly involved with the matches. Furthermore, this path gives you far more options to choose from, so you won’t have to go back to school or completely change your career just to support your love of wrestling.

Bottom Line

With a little creativity and some training, you can turn your passion for wrestling into a career. Even if you don’t want to get in the ring yourself, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the industry.

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