5 funniest TV guest appearances of WWE stars

As the name suggests, WWE is a part of the entertainment industry. It doesn’t seem strange that there were crossovers with other forms of entertainment, such as television and gaming.

Numerous WWE stars had guest appearances in famous TV shows. If you are willing to bet which one would be next, it would be impossible. That is why it’s much better to stick to online casinos like these https://canada-online-casino.com/, and playing slots, roulette, and other popular games.

Moreover, it would be better if some of the stars did the same, and avoided appearing in the show in the first place. Let’s take a look at the funniest and weirdest TV guest appearances of WWE stars.

That 70’s Show: The Rock

Dwayne Johnson is an incredibly popular actor these days. With movies like Baywatch and Jumanji under his belt, The Rock earns a lot of money, and the audience loves him. But Johnson’s first TV appearance was a bit weird.

It happened in That 70’s Show in 1999, and The Rock got to play his dad. The TV series has a different timeline, and in this particular episode, the characters went to a wrestling performance. That is where they met “Rocky Johnson,” which is the name of The Rock’s dad. The episode received positive reviews, but nobody can deny that it was a bit weird to see Johnson playing his father.

It’s Hard to List Everything: Hulk Hogan

We may be a bit harsh, but Hulk Hogan appeared in many movies and TV shows. Let’s only name several of them:

  • Rocky III
  • Suburban Commando
  • No Holds Barred
  • Gremlins 2: The New Batch
  • Thunder in Paradise

Some of these were minor and relatively successful roles, but let’s focus on Thunder in Paradise. It was a TV series with Hogan as the leading character. He had a boat that was ahead of its time, and capable of helping to fight criminals and villains.

Although the show featured Sting, Jimmy Hart, and other celebrities appearing in cameo roles, it never received positive reviews from the critics or the audience. As a result, Thunder in Paradise lasted only for a single season.

Manhunt: John Cena

Manhunt was not a classic TV series, but a reality show. The concept was intriguing, and probably the reason why John Cena decided to accept it. The idea was to have the contestants run away from bounty hunters on a spacious terrain in Hawaii. The contestant who manages to be the last one standing wins the main prize.

The idea might have been great, but a huge scandal happened around the airing time. One of the producers who quit the series decided to reveal that Paramount TV reshot some scenes to rig everything. The story was confirmed by a female contestant who allegedly refused to do those reshoots. The trust of the audience was lost, and the series ended after six episodes.

Poltergeist – The Legacy: The Undertaker

Have you ever thought why The Undertaker is the favorite of many WWE viewers throughout the globe? It is because he has limited screen exposure. You rarely see him in promotional events, which manages to keep a layer of mystery around the character.

However, The Undertaker appeared as a guest star in Poltergeist: The Legacy. It happened in 1999, and out favorite wrestler portrays the Minister of Darkness, a demon under the name Soul Chaser.

It was convenient and in line with the character. It may be interesting to note that he also transformed into the Biker Undertake shortly after that.

The Real World: The Miz

If The Miz is your favorite wrestler, you probably know his actual name is Mike Mizanin. The Miz followed a different path than his colleagues because he started in the acting business, and that recommended him for WWE.

It was in 2001 when Mizanin applied to be a participant in the MTV reality-based show The Real World. He got to spend a couple of months with other people in a house and became very popular in the process. Although it took a couple of years, The Miz became a WWE star in 2004.


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