5 biggest wrestlers who have been found to use steroids


The use of performance enhancing drugs such as steroids has plagued the wrestling business for a long time. Organizations such as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) have taken steps to discourage the use of steroids. They have gone as far as letting money-making performers go in a bid to discourage the use of steroids. It’s important to know that as per studies SARMs has very less side effects (next to negligible) as compared to steroids which has kicked its popularity globally. Legal steroids are basically performance enhancement supplements that are produced using natural ingredients. These substances are manufactured to deliver the same results as best anabolic steroids, but their approach is entirely different. Unlike anabolic steroids that introduced synthetic testosterone and other hormones, legal steroids are packed with ingredients that trigger the body to secrete more of its testosterone and enhancing other factors to create the perfect condition for optimal muscle growth and shredding of fat. That variation may sound slight, but it makes all the difference. You can read more about SARMs here to understand this better. Go through https://swfas.org/max-testosterone-review/ to know more about the Testo max reviews.

The list of professional wrestlers known to have used steroids is long. Let us look at the biggest 5.

Hulk Hogan

Terry Eugene (Gene) Bollea, better known by his ring name Hulk Hogan is regarded by many wrestling enthusiasts as the greatest wrestler ever. The Hulk’s use of steroids led up to the famous trial that threatened to topple the WWF. When the Steroids scandal hit WWE initially, it was Hogan’s face that was plastered all over. In his 1994 testimony, he declared that he not only used steroids but that he was on them for 14 years. The intention was to maintain his physique as well as to aid in quickening recovery from injuries he sustained in the ring. Hogan assumed that since the steroids were prescribed by a physician, then they were legal.

Chris Benoit

Born Christopher Michael Benoit, the Canadian born wrestler’s career in the ring spanned 22 years. He was considered one of the top 10 if not top 5 of the greatest wrestlers and was a two-time world champion. He had WCW and World championships under his belt. The toxicology report indicated that he had high levels of testosterone which pointed to a regular use of steroids and
Buy Testosterone Supplements for Men or köpa testosteron tillskott för män. Additionally, he used painkillers regularly and developed a dependency on them.

Vince McMahon

Vincent Kennedy McMahon is best known as a professional wrestling promoter and executive. Going by his ring name Mr. McMahon, he is a two-time world champion having won the WWF championship in 1999 and the ECW one in 2007. He also won the 1999 Royal Rumble. His body is one of the most ripped in the wrestling world and confessed to having used steroids back in the 80s. The confession was made in a federal court trial in 1993. He also confessed in 1994 to having distributed steroids to performers

The Ultimate Warrior

Born James Brian Hellwig, he wrestled under the ring name The Ultimate Warrior. He has had a rather strained relationship with the WWE in the past. It is believed his steroid use is the reason for this. In fact, it is alleged that he was fired from the company due to his steroid usage. McMahon pointed out that it was Warrior’s indulgence of growth hormones that got him the sack. The Warrior admitted to his steroid use in various interviews and also in court. Owing to his iconic body, many wrestling fans hardly surprised by his admission.

Eddie Guerrero

Known for his catchphrase, “I Lie! I Cheat! I Steal!” Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes performed for WCW, ECW and WWF/WWE. He was known to do anything to win a match. It was also clear that he was on steroids due to his bulked-up physique. The suspicions became facts when it was reported he received testosterone and nandrolone steroids combined with an estrogen-blocker known as anastrozole. This drug is popular with men on steroids to block development of breast tissue. Guerrero died in November 2005 aged 38.