4 of the top most memorable moments in pro wrestling history

For many, watching pro wrestling brings back nostalgia, especially for long-time fans who grew up with the likes of Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. Some may say that professional wrestling is nothing like boxing because it is more soap opera-like with a script. And that’s evident in choreographed theatrics interspersed with detailed costumes and a little acting, sometimes even with copious amounts of tears.

Pro wrestling has been around since time immemorial. Some professional essay writers drafting a historical analysis may say that the sport is comparable to the gladiators competing in ancient Rome inside the Colosseum. This historical evidence proves that humans have always enjoyed these physical matches and find grown men beating each other entertaining. Today, the WWE remains popular and continues to live up to its tagline: “Then, Now, Forever, Together.”

Amidst all this entertainment, people cannot discount that wrestling takes its toll on the athletes’ physiques. After all, whether fans think the matches are staged or not, wrestlers who stay in character must show remarkable athleticism because they will collide, smash, fly, and jump on each other on the floor in front of a live audience. Check out the four most memorable pro wrestling moments in the ring.

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The Infamous Hell in a Cell: Undertaker Versus Mankind

One of the most brutal and barbaric moments in the ring that graced the screens via WWE is the encounter between Undertaker and Mankind at the King of the Ring in 1998. In this event, Mankind gets an unfathomable beating, especially when the Undertaker throws him straight to the announcer’s desk from the top of the cell. If a casual fan were asked to write an essay on this encounter, he would definitely note that this one raised the bar because it contained elements of:

  • Suspense
  • Action
  • Surprise
  • Drama
  • Raw emotion

And just when everyone thought Mankind was a goner, he climbs back to the top of the cell with a dislocated shoulder. Unfortunately, Mankind suffered more choke slams on the cell and a steel chair. Terry Funk eventually realized that he may have seriously injured his friend, so they staged a swift skirmish that allowed emergency personnel to assess Foley. It’s no wonder why this scene remains the most revisited match in pro wrestling history.

The Bloody Encounter Between Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin

These two wrestlers met in the ring for a submission match at Wrestlemania XIII in 1997. At that time, Bret Hart had already earned his reputation as the Hitman and was known as the babyface who didn’t resort to underhanded schemes. Meanwhile, Stone Cold Steve Austin was new in the game. He was known as a fast-rising wrestling star with a hellish mean streak, powerful offensive moves, and submission maneuvers.

So when the two met up in the ring, the live audience and those watching on TV were astounded because the Hitman crossed the line and made Stone Cold bleed massively. But instead of admitting defeat as blood gushed from his head to face, Austen opted to endure the pain of Hart’s hold and pass out due to the pain. Because of this, the crowd booed Hart but was impressed with Austin’s perseverance and dedication. Many say this match sealed Austin’s fate and catapulted him into fame.

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WrestleMania III as Hulk Hogan Slams Andre the Giant

The Hulk and the Giant stood toe-to-toe in an unforgettable match 27 years ago in WrestleMania III. These two behemoths collided in a slow burn match full of:

  • Bear hugs
  • Jeering
  • Strikes
  • Slaps
  • Taunting

But towards the final moments of the interlude, the Hulkster did that unthinkable by picking up the gargantuan Andre the Giant and body slamming him onto the mat. Of course, the crowd went wild because this was no mean feat.

This was a fantastic moment because the Hulkster could perform what was seemingly impossible. After all, the Giant lived up to its name by being way bigger than anyone else in WWE then. The crowd went ballistic and erupted in even more applause when the Hulk made a leg drop move that put Andre down for the referee’s count to three. This scene is constantly replayed on the screen today because of the impressive display of physical strength by Hulk Hogan.

Miss Elizabeth Says I Do to the Macho Man

Contrary to popular opinion, not all pro wrestling matches are full of violent and bloody encounters. One of the most poignant events ever happening in the ring is the marriage of Randy Savage, aka the Macho Man, to Miss Elizabeth. Their Summerslam 1991 wedding ceremony, which was televised live, became a big hit. Although it must be said that the two were already married a few years before in private proceedings, the fans will never forget the pomp and circumstance in the ring because it felt tingly and heart-warming.

To top it all off, the couple opening a gift from Jake Roberts, aka The Snake, made the wedding memorable. And it’s not surprising that Jake’s gift was a real live reptile inside the box, much to the chagrin of Miss Elizabeth. And while the present occupied the Macho Man, the Snake, and the Undertaker jumped and slammed him. And this was how the high-profile wedding ended because all the wrestlers eventually reverted to what they do best — fight each other to the delight of the fans.

Final Thoughts on Iconic Pro Wrestling Matches

Indeed, professional wrestling is chock full of memorable events forever embedded into the fans’ minds. In the midst of all the action and gore, the heart of wrestling will always be entertainment. The wrestling version goes way beyond the normal limits of what people see on the silver screen. Many of these moments in the ring are so unforgettable that people still speak about them even if they happened almost three decades ago. And this merely proves that the art of wrestling transcends time!

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