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15 interactive Instagram Story ideas to boost engagement


In the vibrant world of social media, finding interactive Instagram story ideas to communicate with target audiences is no longer an option, but a necessity for brands and individuals alike. In fact, leveraging creative Instagram story ideas, especially those focused on customer preferences is crucial to stand out amongst the digital noise.

In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll explore 15 engaging and unique Instagram story ideas that go beyond the ordinary, designed to elevate your online presence and significantly increase engagement.

From behind-the-scenes footage to testimonial strategies, these ideas will help you create compelling narratives that captivate your audience on Instagram’s influential space.

1. Go Out of the Box with Instagram Stories

Every brand follows a specific aesthetic tailored to reflect its brand personality and goals using certain colors and images regularly. While this approach helps you to create a memorable impression, sometimes you need to go beyond expectations in a fun way – as silly as it sounds.

As Instagram stories disappear after a while, you can use them to join trends or post videos and images that don’t have a place among your Instagram feed posts. Being active on Instagram is crucial for businesses, as it allows them to cultivate a friendlier image through stories, regardless of the seriousness of their industry.

2. Reveal Your Behind-the-Scenes Content

Behind interactions are the top most engaging Instagram story ideas as many brands use them to offer their audience a sneak peek into their creative process or just to introduce their team. Therefore, you can also use them to show your brand’s human side whether you want to showcase how you create content or what you do while leading a project.

So, use Instagram stories to unveil the magic behind your product or service, and build anticipation and curiosity among your Instagram followers. Keep your audience engaged and looking for more as you build your social proof.

3. Use Engaging Polls and Questions Stickers

Another interactive Instagram story ideas is the use of stickers. If you want to increase the engagement of your followers on Instagram, one effective way is to use interactive elements such as a poll sticker or a question sticker in your stories.

These features encourage your audience to actively participate and share their opinions and preferences with you. By doing this, you not only boost engagement but also gain valuable insights into your audience’s mindset and how they perceive your Instagram posts. This information can be very useful in shaping your marketing strategy and improving your overall performance on the platform.

4. Collaborate through Instagram Story Takeovers

Collaborating with other Instagram users through takeovers stands among cool Instagram story ideas and is definitely a fan-favorite method to interact with content creators – as it allows them to see different people managing each other’s accounts.

So, it’s a rather fun way to collaborate with social media team members or an influencer to take over your Instagram story for a day to reach a new audience.

Yet, you need to do your research before doing a story takeover. For this, you can use the best story viewer which allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously. So, you don’t have to worry about the person knowing you watched their content while doing your research for collaboration.

5. Repost User-Generated Content with a Shout Out

Another way to encourage followers to interact is by reposting their content and mentioning them in your Instagram story. By doing so, you can show appreciation to your existing customers for creating content based on your brand.

Furthermore, you can create multiple stories with their content to highlight the diversity of your audience. This can improve your credibility, encourage more people to follow your Instagram and brand, and help you come up with cute Instagram story ideas for your future content.

6. Create Interactive Instagram Story Highlights

You can use your Instagram stories to create a visually appealing and organized profile by curating a story highlight. As the stories on the highlight don’t disappear, you can use this method to categorize and showcase your best content, making it easily accessible to new and existing followers.

You can also use his feature to show different aspects of your business, such as the brand’s products, launches, fun facts about your team, and more. This way, your audience can easily find any specific kind of content and interact with it.

7. Integrate Music and Quiz Stickers

You can enhance the entertainment value of your Instagram stories by adding a music sticker – by using a trending sound or audio specially produced for your brand. Or, you can use a quiz sticker to ask questions to your audience.

Using a fun sticker when you post stories can make your content more dynamic and also inspire the followers to interact with them. So, make sure to create a fun and immersive experience that resonates with your brand’s values.

8. Use Countdown Sticker for an Upcoming Event

Instagram stories are great tools to create buzz for an event that is important for your brand – whether it’s a new product launch or a celebration of the anniversary. So, you can utilize countdown stickers to build anticipation and excitement while keeping your followers engaged.

This great idea can create a sense of urgency, prompting your audience to mark their calendars for the big day. If possible, you can increase the engagement with promising rewards for those who first interact with your upcoming big event post or join a live stream.

9. Add Swipe Up Links to Increase Traffic

If you have access to the swipe-up feature on Instagram, you can make use of the link sticker to effortlessly include links in your stories. This feature is especially beneficial when promoting blog posts, upcoming launch events, or creating shoppable stories.

By adding links to your stories, your followers can conveniently access additional content. This naturally can increase your engagement as well as your Instagram account visibility and website traffic.

10. Post Educational Content

Based on your brand goals and overall business content, you can also share educational videos on your Instagram stories. This can increase your credibility and lead your story viewers to interact with you by sharing their thoughts about the issue.

You can use any relevant educational theme as your Instagram story idea. From quick tips to in-depth tutorials, you can provide value to your audience to foster trust and keep them coming back for more.

11. Spread Testimonials of Your Brand’s Community

You can create stories to boost your credibility by incorporating your customer feedback and even video testimonials. By featuring satisfied customers or clients sharing their positive experiences with your brand, you can encourage engagement and influence potential followers to check your account.

With this approach, you can humanize your brand, making it relatable to a wider audience, and also come up with more content ideas for your future stories.

12. Create Your Story Trends

Compared to a feed post, an Instagram story reaches more people as users prefer finding new content through this feature. So, you can use this opportunity to create a trend for your brand and promote it with a hashtag.

By encouraging people to share your story, you can reach a broader audience and boost your overall interactions.

13. Make a Q&A Time

Q&A is one of the most popular interactive Instagram story ideas – and for a good reason. It’s one of the most efficient ways to direct your followers to your brand and allow them to actively interact with it.

So, you can regularly use Instagram stories to allow your audience to ask questions – especially if you don’t have a new idea or time to create new content.

14. Spread Your Announcements

You can also use stories to make quick announcements. For example, if you have an upcoming live event, you can spread the news with stories and include a link for people to watch it – which can increase the engagement rate. It is one of the simplest but most efficient interactive Instagram story ideas.

15. Utilize Slider on Your Stories

Sliders is a great feature that boosts your interaction rate so you can use them on your stories by including fun emojis or simple yes or no. In order to keep your audience engaged try different slide styles and use creative prompts. Using them encourages your viewers to direct participation, which can also lead to valuable feedback from your audience.


Here are the frequently asked questions while creating a social media strategy:

Can You Schedule Stories on Instagram?

Yes, there are a few ways to schedule your stories using a variety of tools. This is especially beneficial for a social media manager who has to manage various accounts.

Can You Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously?

You can use Views4You’s free tool to view stories anonymously. For example, if you’re a social media marketer who wants to watch competitors’ stories, you can use this tool to hide your account information.

What is the Best Story Idea for Brand Marketers?

While it changes depending on the niche and the industry, most people see behind interactions as the best story idea on Instagram.

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