10 photo tips for travelling

Travel photography is a special kind of art that has its own laws, restrictions, and rules. You never know where you’ll encounter a picture of a lifetime and whether you will have enough time and space to set light, prepare yourself, and choose the right position. To get more likes for your photos, use the review to choose a low-cost, high-quality service – https://likesfinder.com/stormlikes-review.

It is especially true when you are shooting nature, that is everchanging and live, going from nothing to the burst of color and life in mere seconds. Moreover, good travel pictures may skyrocket your Instagram blog, giving you thousands of likes and followers in mere weeks. It works especially well when you document unpopular places, looking at them from a new angle and showing their beauty to the world.

But even if you are just planning to create great memories about your vacation, some professional advice may come in handy. Let’s see what are the best 10 tips from professional photographers you can use during your travel! 

  1. Have a light kit

The natural light may be very complimenting unless it is not. Don’t beg Mother Nature for mercy anymore! There are plenty of portable light kits that will help you set the stage for your perfect picture. They are easily transportable (some of them are even pocket-sized); certain models are featuring folding tripods or a set of various filters.

Remember that a travel light kit can’t substitute for a full one, but it easily fits into your luggage, won’t make your backpack any heavier, and will work in the conditions you put it into. It can still be as expensive as a full light kit, so consider renting one if you are determined to have the best travel photos possible.

  1. Choose your lenses

You can’t always take all your lenses with you while travelling. So, if you have enough room for one glass only, select the one that suits your current need the most. Are you going to a foreign city and want to take as many portraits and close photos as possible? Or, on the contrary, your goal is an open wilderness of forgotten places, and you need panoramic pictures?

Surely, these two examples are pretty extreme, and usually, our travels include a bit of this and a bit of that. But if you are sure that most of your pictures will be of the same type, prepare your equipment for working with exactly that type.

  1. Choose the right mode

Sounds obvious, right? But the poorly chosen mode is the reason for at least half of all the failed pictures. You don’t have a lot of time for thinking when you travel. Either you are too fascinated with the sight, or you have too little time to make a choice.

Prepare everything at the camp (or in the hotel). Choose the format: RAW or JPG. RAW provides the best quality, preserving more settings, but JPG format gives you more freedom because you can store more photos in the limited space of your memory card. Choose the right white balance and preset mode in advance so that the only job left is to choose the position and shoot.  

  1. Use a diary

Why is this advice in the article about photos? The one-word answer is: keywords. If you are going to show your images on your Instagram, travel blog, or wherever else, you’ll need a short and interesting description of the subjects on the pictures. Even if you don’t want to show your pictures to anyone except the closest friends and family, the notes will greatly help you to build a whole story around them.

Find a couple of minutes to note the most interesting events of the day quickly. If you prefer to be sketchy, so be it. It shouldn’t be a story (unless you want it to be), just some hints for your memory to help it reconstruct the timeline later. 

  1. Learn in advance

To get the best photos, you need to be in the best places. Learn about these places before you go travelling, or in the local tourist center (or just asking the locals – this is the way to reach not so popular, but beautiful and unknown places.

Remember that the places may be different for the portrait and landscape lovers, for the nature photographers and city ones, etc. So, if you are hunting your best photos, chart your hunting grounds before! 

  1. Ask People!

If you see someone or something you want to shoot, don’t be too shy to ask! The worst thing you can get is a no. People are usually friendly enough to pose for your portrait or show you their garden, home, or whatever captured your attention.

It works well in the touristic countries, but if you step off the touristic road, it’s better to take precautions, read more about local customs and attitude to photography and be as gentle as possible while asking.

  1. Safety first

No photoshoot is worth putting yourself in danger. So, in addition to not getting people angry, follow the rules of common sense. Don’t climb too high without proper equipment, even to get the best sunset picture. Don’t dive in the places you don’t know without a guide and permission. Try not to go deep into city slums without someone street smart and knowing what to do etc.

Good insurance is also a must during any travel. Think about anti-theft luggage as well, because photo kits are usually quite expensive (even if yours is not, it will be a shame to lose the tool for getting travel photos while travelling for photos).

  1. Be not like the others

To understand what photos you want to take, try to browse through touristic postcards. The most popular photos and locations you see everywhere will give you a hint of what photos you DON’T want to take. Really, who wants to look at the thousandth picture of that place?

Try to invent something new: unusual angle, arrangement, changing the place, or inventing a plot and story for your photo. It will help you to give the well-known landmarks a new look.

  1. Choose the right time

Do you want to see Venice during the carnival? Or you want to enjoy its architecture in a calmer season? Are your Alps blossoming or covered with snow? Choosing the season is a crucial question of getting the right photoshoot. Even the most popular touristic locations are pictured in the same season, mostly. Be original and show their beauty from the other side! 

  1. Think what to do with your photoshoot

Storing tons of photos on your memory card is a bit careless. It may get lost, stolen, or just filled with the previous photos. The best alternative is to download them to your laptop or, if you have a good Internet connection, to cloud storage, having a solid and cloud copy of your material. It will give you a lot of freedom and extra space.

Travel photos are a great way to express yourself, show the jewels of the world you saw, and, possibly, even get fame and fortune. Preparing for your journey, plus your talent and taste, will offer you the best chance to make the most awesome pics possible!

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