10 games themed around the WWE which you probably didn’t know existed

Wrestling public service announcements tell the crowd to not attempt the moves at home. Regardless of these messages being significant and significant, nobody focuses on them, since each expert wrestling fan wants to superkick their loved ones — in the computer game world. The worldwide ubiquity of brands, for example, WWE and NJPW have guaranteed that wrestling computer games are fundamentally important for game engineers and distributing organizations. As per The-Magicbox, the “WWF warzone” sold over 2.2 million units in the U.S. alone. This is just the marketing projection for one solitary title, demonstrating this is a gaming type that can’t be gotten over or disregarded.

With such a committed and vocal fanbase, there’s a steady scramble to make the best wrestling computer game ever. Luckily, there have been numerous uncommon endeavors that have astonished various ages consistently. There’s a contention to be made that wrestling fans have been ruined by the sheer number of games accessible across numerous stages.

Wrestle Kingdom

It is the year 2005. The WWE leads the wrestling world, thanks to Vince McMahon’s annihilation of any competitors. In terms of video games, it’s similar to how “WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw” gets the most attention throughout the world. “Wrestle Kingdom,” a Japan-exclusive title launched for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2, had wrestling aficionados buzzing and imploring their overseas friends to send it to them.

Working with Yuke’s, who had previously handled WWE games, this was a back-to-basics pure wrestling game that focused on training and refining their chosen wrestler via hard-fought contests.


Thunderkick introduced this pokie in 2017, and despite the advent of competitors, it has maintained its appeal. Luchadora is a 5-reel, 40-pay line slot game featuring four fighters: Bull, Panther, Ray, & Snake. They would display as symbols on the reels. As a bonus, there are several free spins. The combatants are triggered by Lucha Bonus icons in these real online pokies. Punters have the opportunity to win upwards of 15 bonus spins. The Lucha Smackdown symbol appears exclusively on reel 5 and awards the players with 15 bonus spins or a 15X multiplier.

 WWE SmackDown! versus Raw 2011

For an era of gamers, the SmackDown v / s Raw” franchise is synonymous with EA Sports’ “FIFA.” It gave hours, months, and years of amusement as the yearly release became something to look forward to, with gamers laughing, crying, and cherishing every Swanton bomb from the summit of the ladder. More significantly, the creators worked hard to enhance the games rather than simply slapping a fresh coat of paint on previous versions and duping fans.

The release of WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2011  in 2010 was bittersweet since it signaled the conclusion of an era. Luckily, it went out with a boom, much as Shawn Michaels had done earlier that year at WrestleMania.

The PlayStation 3 version of the title received an eight out of ten rating from Game Informer. The reviewer commended the realistic-looking visuals and replayability, as well as the novel grapple mechanism, which he said made more sense than earlier attempts.

The Arcade Game of WWF WrestleMania

In the mid-’90s, Midway’s digitized approach to “Mortal Kombat” and “NBA Jam” received a lot of attention. The creator was altering the terrain of what was possible, and gamers had never seen such a realistic approach to computer games before. So imagine Midway’s amazement when it took inspiration from the WWF’s new generation and turned it into a combat game called “WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game.”

With its quick blows and combinations, this game played more like “Mortal Kombat” than pro wrestling. The wrestlers looked fantastic and highly lifelike, but their actions were considerably more extravagant than what fans are used to seeing on television every week. Furthermore, there were no DQs because Doink the Clown could break a noggin with a hammer and nothing would happen — just like in every bout that Rick Knox referees. GamePro couldn’t get enough of it, with reviewer Bruised Lee writing, “The combo of furious gameplayer, well-balanced wrestlers, and outrageous maneuvers will leave you as sweaty as any character you play.”

WWE AllStars

For most of the late 1990s and early 2000s, the emphasis of wrestling games switched to accurate reconstructions of ring action. There was a race to make the finest wrestling sim of all time, whether it was AKI’s, Yuke’s, or any other developer’s. At the same time, in the drive for perfection, the casual player was overlooked. Some gamers want a simpler title that they could pick up and play with their pals. “WWE All-Stars” is an arcade-inspired button-masher that combines current and former wrestlers for a true slobber knocker.

“WWE All-Stars” embraced a cartoonish aesthetic for the wrestlers and enhanced their assaults to showcase how electric they truly were, playing more like a fighting game than many of its contemporaries. It took all of the appropriate components from “WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game,” but added some complexity. Fans and reviewers alike loved it and demanded more of Five Knuckle Shuffle. It’s “an exhilarating game that’s engaging in a manner that no wrestling game has been for a generation or more,” according to Giant Bomb.

WWF WrestleFest

How much money did gamers spend on “WWF WrestleFest”? The answer is inadequate. The arcade game must have had some sort of sorcery or catnip for players because there was usually a crowd surrounding the units. Even if they weren’t playing, they’d want to see Doom’s interview with Mean during an iconic cut scene. Regardless, in 1991, the game felt bigger than life. It not only lets players choose between celebrities like The Ultimate Warrior, “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts, but it also included trademark and double team moves.

Sinclair User scored it an 88%, stating how the diversity of wrestlers and special maneuvers increased the game’s replayability. Considering how “WWF WrestleFest” is still being debated three decades after its debut, there’s no denying that this game has endured the test of time and is still a banger today.

WWE 2K22 from 2K Sports

To call “WWE 2K20” a fiasco is an understatement. The game came with so many bugs that The Boogeyman emerged from the shadows to attempt to devour them all. As a consequence, “WWE 2K21” was canceled so that the developers could devote more time to developing a better game that would not be panned by both fans and reviewers. Surprisingly, “WWE 2K22” turned out to be a welcome return to form for the franchise. The extra time paid off, as the developer streamlined the gameplay, fixed all of the previous bugs, and brought back several much-missed elements, such as the GM mode. The problems from “WWE 2K20” were suddenly forgiven, as they only existed as memes among some of the Internet Wrestling Community.

Hardcore Gamer rated it four out of five stars, saying that taking a year off was the wisest decision for everyone. Furthermore, the review praised the aesthetics and simpler gameplay mechanics, which made it a far more accessible and fun video game.

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2006

While every SmackDown vs. Raw game tried new things, none was as daring as WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2006.

Rather than maintaining the previous frenzied action, Yuke’s decided to make the gameplay reflect the goods on screen. The addition of stamina and momentum bars made the action more like what fans are used to. A wrestler is unlikely to perform 20 superplexes in a row in any match since they would be weary by the fifth. Similarly, the game required the player to plan carefully and try to preserve some energy in the tank.

The World vs. the WCW

Tony Khan may well have opened the Sacred Door for major inter-promotional crossovers, but “WCW vs. the World” was the first. This championship offered a roster of 60 — yes, 60 — professional wrestlers to pick from. All of the WCW favorites were there, including Tornado, Hulk Hogan, Dean Ambrose, and Lex Luger, as well as some bogus foreign stars with different names but the same appearance and move set as the genuine wrestlers. This implies that gamers might stage fantasy fights like Dean Malenko vs. Ray Misterio to see who could tap out first.

“WCW vs. the World” lacked the bells and whistles, as well as the unique grappling system that would transform future WCW games. However, the others would not be conceivable without this title, thus it had to learn to walk before the others could moonsault. AllGame awarded it a thumbs up: “You’ll be hooked once you and a buddy, or foe, fire up the PlayStation and start fighting. This is a fantastic party game that paved the way for many subsequent wrestling titles.”

WrestleMania 2000 (WWF)

WrestleMania 2000 may have been a dud, but the video game of the same name made the Nintendo 64 the hottest system for wrestling enthusiasts (sure, the game was also published on Game Boy Color, but let’s not get into that). The AKI Corporation-created game basically took everything that made “WCW/NWO Revenge” famous and altered it to fit the WWF. Furthermore, the story mode kept players engaged with a hard and intriguing quest to greatness as the chosen wrestler advanced through the ranks to capture championship gold.

The feuds added a little more heat to the mode as well, as opponents would intervene in matches if there was any beef amongst wrestlers, making it feel like an accurate duplicate of an episode of “Monday Night Raw.”

“WWF WrestleMania 2000” received an eight out of ten rating from Nintendo Power, which stated that the game “will give limitless hours of pleasure no matter how many people join in.” The magazine also took the opportunity to praise the grappling mechanism and its inherent intuitiveness.

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