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William Regal officially gone from AEW


William Regal has officially wrapped up his commitments with AEW and is on his way to WWE starting from next week, accepting an office job and reuniting with his former boss Paul “Triple H” Levesque.

Regal, who joined AEW in March, requested that his option year would not be picked up by AEW so he could return and be with his son who is in NXT.

“Yesterday was my last official day with @AEW. I’d like to thank @TonyKhan, Megha and all the hard working crew,” Regal wrote on Twitter.

“Contrary to people who’ve never spoken to me or have their information from people who don’t know me or are trying to make themselves noticed, I had a lovely time working there and had a great time. Lots of talented wrestlers, and lovely people to work for. To my fellow BCC members, it was a special, albeit brief few months but it cemented our already strong friendship. To everyone there, thank you for welcoming me. Best wishes,” he continued.

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