Tyson vs Jericho was originally scheduled for All Out says Jericho


In his weekly Q&A Saturday Night Special on YouTube, former AEW World champion Chris Jericho said that he was supposed to take on Mike Tyson at All Out but they couldn’t get it done in time.

Tyson appeared at the Double or Nothing pay-per-view and then on Dynamite a few days later where he had a pull-apart with Jericho in an angle that looked very similar to the Tyson/Austin one from 1998 in WWE. The angle between the two obviously opened the opportunity for a match against each other down the line.

“Originally I was supposed to work with Tyson at the September pay-per-view, All Out 2, and we just couldn’t get it done in time,” Jericho said. “So, the second match I had with Orange was originally going to be the Mimosa Mayhem but we moved it to the rubber match position.”

Jericho and Tyson share a long history and Tyson even “knocked out” Jericho on an episode of Monday Night Raw a decade ago.