Tony Khan touts success of keeping all AEW employees during pandemic


During this week’s episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, AEW President Tony Khan said that the company lost millions due to the coronavirus and not being able to allow fans in arenas.

Khan said that the Dynamite shows leading up to Double or Nothing had some pretty full arenas which was going to result in big money for them coming just from gate money. But then coronavirus struck and they were forced, like everyone else, to change plans.

“We’ve lost millions and millions of dollars in live events. I don’t take it lightly, but I can’t take it out on the people that work here because it’s not their fault,” Khan said during the podcast. But Khan did not dismiss the possibility of letting go of some people in the future. “We’ve really not let anybody go here as a company and look… I’m going to be honest…there’s gonna come a day where somebody, we’re gonna have to, but now is not the time.”

Khan said that in the overall scheme of things, AEW is in good shape and the “second healthiest wrestling company in the world” and while admitting this was hard time for everyone, they take pride in being in that place without firing a single person to achieve it.