Tickets for tonight’s AEW Dynamite in Washington being sold from $3 each


With just hours to go for the first AEW Dynamite on TNT, ticket scalpers are having a hard time unloading their thousands of tickets which were scooped up when the show went on sale several weeks ago.

Floor seats on via verified resale are going for $20. Row six seats at ringside are selling for only $149 while excellent seats across the stage on the first-tier riser are just $50. Hundreds of tickets in the nosebleed sections are going for $20 and $35 each.

Meanwhile, secondary-market websites are selling tickets starting from $3 in the level 400 section, with most of them priced at $6. Row six seats on ticket resellers pages are going starting from $79 while first-tier riser seats are going from $44 each.

With such cheap tickets, the show is likely to be full anyway tonight as many people leave it until the last few hours to buy tickets. If they don’t, there will be several empty sections in the arena which might require AEW to shift around fans, a common technique used, to make at least the side facing the camera look full.