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Thunder Rosa airs frustration over fake injury claims


Thunder Rosa used her time on Busted Open Radio yesterday to address her critics who have been saying that she’s faking an injury and doesn’t deserve to be the champion.

Last week, Toni Storm said that she wants Rosa back to get rid of this “interim nonsense” as Storm is not happy to be labeled the interim AEW Women’s champion while she does the work every week and Rosa is out.

Rosa told Storm that she’s doing the hard work every week just the same to get back to the ring and silence everyone. She said she’s targeting January for a return but they still haven’t given her a time line.

“If you’re in the back and you are in distress about me being the champion or me being called the champion, I don’t call the shots,” a frustrated Rosa said. “I have a boss and there’s a booker in our office that makes the decisions. So if you’re distraught about what is being booked, maybe you should talk to the booker and keep my name out of your mouth.”

The champ mentioned how some of her friends still question her if she’s really faking it and Rosa blamed “one or two people” in AEW who started to spread false information.

“I don’t feel like no other wrestler has gone through this…like not at all. Somebody gets hurt, it’s like ‘Oh, they are hurt.’ But when it was me, it was like immediate,” Rosa added.

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