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Paige VanZant returns on Dynamite to take down Brandi Rhodes


MMA star Paige VanZant returned on Dynamite last night and took on Brandi Rhodes in a segment which saw fans chanting “Shut the f*ck up” to the AEW Chief Brand Officer.

Rhodes, who didn’t help things by saying Cleveland instead of Chicago to get some more heat, was quickly shut by Dan Lambert who for the first time, was the face in the ring.

“I almost feel like a decent human being standing next to you,” Lambert told Rhodes. Lambert had some additional nasty things to tell Rhodes which won over the crowd and when Brandi started to respond, the hostile Chicago crowd told her exactly what they wanted her to do.

But after trading insults, Rhodes slapped Lambert, prompting him to introduce the former UFC star and she took down Rhodes in the ring. But before the action could continue, the whole AEW women’s locker room emptied to separate the two.

Judging from yesterday, it certainly looks like Rhodes is heading into a match with VanZant.


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