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Jon Moxley talks working with AEW as champ without a contract and Punk controversy


Appearing on his wife’s The Sessions podcast, former AEW champion Jon Moxley revealed that he was not under an AEW contract during the Summer and said if he wanted he could have showed up at SummerSlam with the AEW World title if he wanted.

In a bombshell interview mainly tackling CM Punk’s Instagram post, Moxley said that he took his time to sign a new AEW deal because he wanted to take things slow and then AEW extended his contract for the time he spent in rehab, locking him down for a couple of more months.

Eventually he signed a new five-year deal with the company but Mox said that things weren’t pretty when CM Punk showed up following his injury and he was still working without a contract back then.

“I basically don’t work there. For all intents and purposes, I don’t even work here,” Mox said recounting the days when Punk returned. “Tony is not my boss. I don’t even have to be in this room. I don’t have to do shit. So even me being in this room and offering and agreeing to a storyline that puts you over on a pay-per-view, if anything, I’m bending over backwards for Tony and for this dude and the company and everybody.”

Mox said that he didn’t have to do what he he did and blasted the few who make a lot of drama backstage and bring them forward on social media.

He said after eight years on the independent scene, few years in developmental, and eight years in WWE, he never seen so much “bullshit drama” in one place in his entire life.

“I hate to say that and I don’t know if it’s because of the age of social media, shit gets blown out of proportion,” Mox said. “Like one person posts a drunk tweet and all of a sudden it’s all everyone wants to talk about.”

Addressing Punk’s IG post, Mox said that it’s “f*cking annoying” that someone puts something there and it’s news, because it’s not news and he doesn’t want to get dragged into it.

“I could f*cking unload on a lot of f*cking people right now. But I’m not going to sink to that level,” he continued.

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