Cody gets AEW title shot at Full Gear pay-per-view


Even though AEW’s next pay-per-view Full Gear is over two months away, the company announced out of the blue that Chris Jericho will be defending the AEW title against Cody Rhodes on the show.

The match was announced with no angle leading up to it and no real good explanation how Cody got the shot although AEW President Tony Khan noted the excellent “win-loss record” that Rhodes has so far as the reason why he got it. AEW had five weeks to come up with a program on television since AEW on TNT starts on October 2 and the pay-per-view is on November 9.

Jericho also has an AEW title defense on the third episode of AEW on TNT which somewhat renders the match useless now that the Jericho/Cody match is being advertised.

This is the second match on the show so far joining Moxley vs Omega on the card.