Boston and Philly AEW on TNT shows sold out


Ticket demand for week two and three of AEW on TNT were just as heavy as week one and pay-per-view shows. Earlier today, tickets for the AEW shows at The Agganis Arena in Boston and The Liacouras Center in Philadelphia went on sale, with thousands of people flocking the two different ticket websites to get tickets.

Ticketmaster, which was handling the Boston show, showed over 2,000 people in queue just a few minutes after tickets officially went on sale and the opportunity to get a crack at tickets came after 51 minutes of wait time. By that time, only five sections were available for purchase and before even clicking on a seat, most of them were gone too. Typical of Ticketmaster, prices were jacked up, with some prices going up to $1,200 due to the popular demand of the show.

Evenue handled the Philly show and we managed to get the possibility to buy tickets after 10 minutes of waiting, although only upper level seats were left. Unlike Ticketmaster, the ticket processor did not increase the price based on popularity of the show and they remained the same throughout.

Both shows eventually sold out after an hour or so. It will be interesting to see how many tickets pop up on secondary markets for re-sale as the Washington D.C. show has a lot of them for re-sale.