An emotional, bloodied Cody delivers promo after Dynamite goes off air in Atlanta


After Dynamite went off the air last night, a bloodied Cody Rhodes cut an emotional promo in the middle of the ring, explaining his love to the city of Atlanta and what they have done for his family.

Cody said he will recount a story which happened 200 yards away from the State Farm Arena in a street called Baker Street, the exact spot where he fell in love with professional wrestling. Cody recounted that when he was eight years old, he knew his father was famous but he didn’t know much why as he didn’t get to see his golden years.

He went on to explain a story about Sting and his father Dusty, following a show in Atlanta. He said that before they exited for the parking lot, Sting went out first and the fans gave him a big reception. Not thinking about anything, young Cody was about to follow but his father stopped him and told him to wait. “Never steal another man’s pop” was the advice Dusty gave him.

After Sting left, Dusty walked out with Cody, “and all of you cheered so loud for my dad,” Cody said with tears in his eyes.

The AEW EVP added that when he made his debut, the fans were pretty hard on him and he appreciated that more than anyone knows because it made him come back week after week after week to do better.

He then gave props to Warner Media for extending AEW for three more years and guaranteed that they will be back in Atlanta.

You can see the promo below.