AEW President Tony Khan was not a fan of the unprotected chair shot to the head


AEW President Tony Khan was not impressed with Cody’s unprotected chair shot to the head at Fyter Fest last night, calling it a mistake.

Speaking to reporters after the show, Khan said that they regret that it happened and the company took immediate precautions by calling a doctor to check on Rhodes as soon as he got to the back.

“I don’t know if this is the time to go into what happened but we had taken precautions in this situation…in that specific situation. A doctor was available and Cody does not have a concussion, he has staples, and we’re all very grateful for that,” Khan said.

Khan also said that they don’t intend to present such hardcore matches on TNT when the weekly show debuts, adding that Fyter Fest was a PPV-caliber show and there are different “rules” for pay-per-views and regular television.

Meanwhile, Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks stuck by his fellow EVP Cody for what happened, saying that we “think” it was unprotected and he’ll “just leave it at that.”