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AEW President Tony Khan profiled on the The Athletic

AEW President Tony Khan is featured in a pretty in-depth interview from The Athletic, a sports-based website now owned by The New York Times.

In the interview, Khan explains how he incredibly juggles his four jobs: Chief Football Strategy Officer for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Vice Chairman and Director of Football Operators for Fulham FC, Chairman of TruMedia Networks, and President of All Elite Wrestling.

Asked who is in charge of keeping his schedule in order, Khan replied with a straight forward answer.

“Me,” he said. “Different people send me stuff and contribute, but at the end of the day, I have to keep track of everything.”

As you can imagine, juggling four different high-profile jobs is not an easy task but Khan finds himself time for everything, including spending a lot of time on his new(er) venture: AEW.

“I think we are well ahead of my expectations at the launch of the promotion. We’re in our third year, and as we’re getting to Year 4, it’s amazing,” Khan said of AEW. He noted that the company had growth year after year and now even quarter over quarter.

Khan credited the PPV business and the expansion with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and is looking forward to expand into international events.

Khan also said that he finds time to watch some of the other promotions, although most of the time he can’t watch live. “But I do go back and try to watch as much as I can from those companies and others,” he said.

You can read the full interview at TheAthletic.com.

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