Ryback to take on CM Punk at Hell In A Cell for the WWE title


Feed him more! The main event for Hell In A Cell was made official yesterday as CM Punk will defend his WWE title against the undefeated Ryback.

The announcement came very late in the broadcast during a contract signing with Vince McMahon in the ring along with Punk, Heyman, Cena, and Ryback. Cena said that CM Punk needed an ass whopping and started a “feed me more” chant himself. At that point, Ryback stepped up to the table and signed the contract, then face planted Punk on the table and delivered his finishing move as fans chanted “feed me more.”

The segment made little sense as earlier in the broadcast John Cena was backstage with Vince McMahon trying to convince him to give him the title shot but then basically give up his chance during the announcement. The original match had John Cena involved instead of Ryback however Cena’s elbow is healing slower than expected after he underwent surgery to remove bone chips and plan B had to be initiated.