CM Punk keeps title thanks to referee assist, Big Show new World HW champ

For a total of 343 days, CM Punk has been the WWE Champion. He has taken on John Cena, Big Show, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Chris Jericho, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, and R-Truth. It was back on November 20, 2011 when he won the championship.

Tonight, CM Punk faces he biggest threat, the undefeated Ryback.

Also tonight, Sheamus takes on a very mad and determined Big Show for the first time ever while Big Show still trying to overcome the loss of Championship many months ago.

Tonight, WWE’s Hell in the Cell is live from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

There are 6 matches scheduled for the event tonight.

Hell in the Cell opens with one heck of a Primo show. Entrance contains the words Hell In The Cell that is burning from a fire pits directly below it. Large Fireballs fire from the pit.

Play by Play tonight will be given by Michael Cole, Jim Ross, and JBL.

Our 1st Match is Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio.

Randy starts of real fast to take Del Rio to the outside. Randy introduces Del Rio’s head to the announce table then returns him to the inside of the ring. A quick distraction from Ricardo allows Del Rio to take out Randy for a quick 2 count. Del Rio then begins to work the left arm/shoulder area.

Del Rio continues to work the shoulder and mocks Randy’s signature pose. A quick counter from Randy allows a quick pin attempt but Del Rio goes right back to work on the arm.

Randy is able to change the momentum for only a few seconds but gets caught again but uses the rope to break Cross arm Breaker. Randy again tries to get back into the match and is able to hit his signature DDT from the ropes then signals that he is going for the RKO.

Randy is still favors the arm but Del Rio hits a back stabber and pin attempt at 2. Randy hits a quick power slam and 2 count pin attempt. He then begins to beat down Del Rio in the corner. Randy gets Del Rio to the top rope but falls to the mat then Del Rio jumps from the middle rope and lands directly on the chest of Randy feet first. Pin attempt at 2.

Del Rio then climbs to the top rope but jumps down like he forgot to do something but Randy reminds him fir a drop kick. Another distraction from Ricardo allows Del Rio to apply the Cross arm breaker in the middle of the ring. Randy is bale to counter into a pin attempt but gets a very close 3, then as Del Rio jumps from the second rope to kick Randy in the head, Randy ducks and all of a sudden, nails the RKO for a 3 count.

Winner of the Match – Randy Orton via pinfall.

We break to Josh Matthews talking with Vicki. She states she has evidence of AJ and John Cena.

Our 2nd Match is Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars in a Tag Team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

We start with Daniel kick the crap out of Sandow then quick tag gets Kane in the match. Cody is then tagged in and Kane takes him into the ring the hard way. Both Kane and Daniel continue to tag multiple times and keep Cody busy.

Cody finally gets tagged out and Sandow takes out the Big Red Machine and now its Team Rhodes Scholars to take the punishment to Kane in their corner.

Daniel is finally able to get into the match and takes out both Rhodes and Sandow but just as fast, a distraction from Rhodes allows Sandow to take down Daniel outside of the ring. Now, again, Team Rhodes Scholars work on Daniel this time in the corner. Multiple pin attempts from Rhodes and Sandow only muster a 2 count.

Sandow now trying to keep Daniel on the mat but Daniel is able to fight back which allows him to have time to tag in Kane. He comes in and begins to take out both Rhodes and Sandow. Side walk slam from Kane allows a 2 count then Kane climbs the ropes but gets caught by Rhodes. Kane is able to throw Rhodes off the top rope then clothesline from Rhodes from the top rope. Daniel then tags himself into the match and flies from the top rope on the chest of Rhodes. He then attempts a pin count but Kane pulls Daniel off, then outside of the ring, Daniel misses a flying knee and nails Kane in the face.

Now Kane and Daniel fight outside of the ring and both Rhodes and Sandow slide feet first into both men outside. Cody and Daniel gets back into the ring and then Cody nails Cross Rhodes on Daniel then Kane breaks the pin attempt. Kane is mad right now and continues to beat the hell out of Team Rhodes Scholars and ignores the ref counts and finds that he just got DQ’ed.

Winner of the Match – Team Rhodes Scholars via Disqualification. Team Hell No retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Our 3rd Match is Kofi Kingston(c) vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship.

Both men begin to work and show each others finishers really fast and then show how fast to avoid each finishers. Miz begins to work Kofi but Kofi turns it around and throws Miz to the outside of the ring. Kofi avoids being thrown into the stairs but doesn’t miss the kick to the head from Miz.

Both men get back into the ring and Miz works the ground game but Kofi gets out of it but a big tug of the hair takes down Kofi again. High running clothesline from Miz then allows him to take down Kofi from the top rope. Miz continues to wear down Kofi but a huge clothesline from Kofi takes down Miz.

Now Kofi picking up the pace and working Miz with a Boom drop then attempts to hit Trouble in Paradise but Miz runs away. A quick SOS from Kofi gets him a long 2 count. Miz then able to take out the leg of Kofi and now works it in the corner, using the ropes. Now, Miz is striping the knee pad and all the protective wrapping around the left leg of Kofi. Now, Miz has Kofi in a submission hold and Kofi tries to reach the ropes but gets dragged back into the middle of the ring.

A quick counter from Kofi gets a 2 count then Miz nails a DDT for a 2 count. As Miz is not looking, Kofi nails the Trouble in Paradise and is finally able to pin Miz for 3.

Winner of the Match – Kofi Kingston via Pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Our 4th Match is Antonio Cesaro(c) vs. Justin Gabriel for the United States Championship.

Antonio controls the match from start but Justin does get few shots in. Antonio claims that no American will beat him but, Justin is from South America, we will see. He then keeps Justin to the mat for a while, working the neck then picks up Justin and drops him on the tope rope.

Antonio continues to keep working Justin on the mat, jumping on his chest twice and works the arm again. A quick counter allows Justin to use his speed against Antonio. Antonio is then able to counter with a huge clothesline. While working in the corner, Justin hits a reverse DDT for a 2 count.

Antonio rolls to the outside of the ring and as Justin tries to fly to the outside, he gets caught bad outside by Antonio.

As Antonio gets Justin back into the ring, he hits the Neutralizer then pins for 3.

Winner of the Match – Antonio Cesaro via pinfall to retain the the United States Championship.

Our 5th Match is Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. The Primetime Players

Darren starts off against Sin Cara with showing his speed to take him out then a quick tag allows Mysterio to attempt a pinfall count of 2. Darren counters the 619 and allows Titus to get tagged in and just uses his size and power to hurt Mysterio.

The Primetime players then work like a perfect tag team and keep Mysterio in their corner but Mysterio does get away long enough to allow Sin Cara to get back into the action and uses his speed against Titus but the overall power of Titus allows him to take control again. Darren then takes over and keeps Sin Cara on the mat.

Sin Cara is trying to get Mysterio tagged in but everytime he tries either Darren or Titus stop him. They are toying and just working Sin Cara to the mat, keeping him isolated to their side of the mat. Just one mistake allows Sin Cara to nail a DDT and is able to reach Mysterio and he just goes every where hitting everything called The Primetime Players with a tilt a world DDT to Darren.

With Mysterio in charge, Sin Cara takes out Titus on the outside then Mysterio is able to hit the 619 on Darren then he flies from the top rope, nailing Darren and gets the 3 count pinfall.

Winner of the Match – Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara via pinfall.

Our 6th Match is Sheamus vs. Big Show for the WWE world Heavyweight Championship.

Both tough, huge guys will try to show each others power but Big Show just shows more power by throwing him to the mat then giving Sheamus a big bear hug. He then works Sheamus in the corner with a huge slap to the chest.

Sheamus is able to attempt to take control of the match but Big Show rolls to the outside of the ring and takes the entire 10 count to take his time. Sheamus then attempts to work the mid section of Big Show but Show just lifts Sheamus up and throws him to the outside of the ring. Now Big Show taking control and working Sheamus on the outside, then throwing him to the retaining wall real hard.

Now Big Show gets Sheamus back into the ring and Sheamus does try to fight back but a huge sidewalk slam from Big Show slows him down. Sheamus in real pain right now as the Big Show delivers a head butt then on the outside, Sheamus tries to start a fight that he loses with Big Show as Show throws Sheamus right over the announce table.

With the Champion back into the ring, Big Show drops a big slam to the mat but Sheamus again tries to fight back. All he gets in return is he gets thrown right back to the outside. Sheamus from the outside, flies back into the ring and is able to take Big Show Down but a kick to the head takes him down. Big Show able to achieve a 2 count pin attempt.

As Sheamus tried to punch and claw his way out of trouble, Big Show applies a Big Show style bear hug. Show breaks the hold and signals for the chokeslam, but a counter DDT allows Sheamus to attempt a pinfall. As Sheamus tried to club the chest of Big Show, he gets caught and Big Show tries to hit the chokeslam. He is not able as Sheamus breaks the hold but just as fast, Big Show chokeslams Sheamus but only musts a 2 count.

A missed elbow drop allows Sheamus to try and get Big Show to submit but fails badly as he gets thrown outside. Back, inside the ring, Sheamus trying to take Big Show down and finally does with a double fist to the head of Big Show. Sheamus then lifts, HUGE POWER SHOWING, and nails White Noise but Big Show kicks out. Sheamus gets caught trying to hit the Brogue Kick and Big Show hits the WMD. Sheamus KICKS OUT AT 2. Big Show is ready again to hit WMD but misses and Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick but Big Show KICKS OUT AT 2.

Both men don’t know what to do, showing frustration, Sheamus signals Brogue Kick again and his just gets kocked the fudge out!!! Pin attempt by Big Show finally gets the 3 count! AWESOME MATCH!!!

Winner of the Match – Big Show via pinfall and NEW WWE Heavyweight Champion!

Oh Yea, Ron Simmons makes a quick cameo, using just one word during a backstage segment then we break to Vince on the phone then enters CM Punk, asking to cancel his match tonight. Vince just tells him to suck it up and prove he is the best in the world.

Our 7th Match is Eve(c) vs. Layla vs. Kaitlyn in a Triple Threat match for the Divas Championship.

Eve don’t wanna be here but both Layla and Kaitlyn work on Eve then just as fast, they begin to fight each other. Multiple counters allow Layla and Kaitlyn trade pin attempts but Eve introduces herself again, takes out Layla and work the ankle of Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn’s ankle is still healing from the injury sustain from an attack from a few months ago.

Man, I miss Lita and Trish!

Layla returns and begins to work on Eve and gets a 2 count. Both Eve and Layla somehow end up doing the splits in the middle of the ring and Kaitlyn then takes both women and clock each other in the head.

Kaitlyn works Layla but then Eve returns and all three are trying to take each other out with Kaitlyn getting the upper hand. A huge slam by Kaitlyn allows her to pin but Eve breaks a pin attempt by Kaitlyn and pins Layla for 3.

Winner of the Match – Eve via pinfall to retain the Divas Championship.

A quick backstage interview with Big Show making the sound, NEw Champion sounds so good right now. He then dares anyone to try and take the Championship from him. Doctors are then show, working on Sheamus.

Our 8th Match is CM Punk(c) vs. Ryback in a Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship.

As with all the other matches, The Champions are the first to enter the ring. A handshake and hug separate CM Punk and Paul as he enters the Hell in the Cell!

The Cage is locked and here we go. Cm Punk, leaves the ring fast to gather his thoughts. Punk is really working the heel as he keeps avoiding any contact with Ryback. Punk gets on check to the chest and Ryback just slams him knees him in the head. Ryback then proceeds to hurt Punk in the corner but Punk able to counter but then just gets tossed to the outside of the ring.

Punk then trying to rip open the door and finds Ryback waiting and he throws Punk into the sides of the Cell. The chant of Goldberg rains from the crowd as Punk crawls under the ring. Punk then uses a Fire Extinguisher to the face of Ryback then spears him into the side of the cell. Punk grabs a chair but Ryback kicks it right into Punks face. He then throws Punk into the ring and then just lifts him up and drops him to the mat hard.

Ryback misses a shot at Punk in the corner then hit flying closeline to take down Ryback. Punk continues to climb and jump from the top rope but after 3 attempts, gets caught and slammed into the corner hard. Punk hits a dropkick then as Ryback is on the outside of the ring, Punk flies over the ropes and take out Ryback. Ryback misses a shoulder take down and nails the stairs on the outside. Now, back in the ring, Punk works the nack and shoulder of Ryback.

Ryback just stands up and shows his power and slams Punk to the mat. Ryback misses a spear in the corner which allows him to hit the flying knee in the corner, then hits a closeline. Punk to the top rope and nails the flying elbow then he grabs a Kindo Stick and unloads on Ryback with shot after shot. Ryback gets mad and just grabs the stick and it does hurt him. Ryback with multiple clotheslines then back body drop, then a spine buster. Ryback hits the closeline then attempts Shell Shock. The Ref then stops Ryback, then he low blows Ryback. The Ref has low blowed Ryback. Punk rolls up Ryback for the quickest 3 count ever.

Winner of the Match – CM Punk via pinfall.

Punk is trying to leave the ring but cannot; the door wasn’t opened in time. Ryback grabs the ref, takes him out then goes after Punk. He catches Punk and takes him out then looks back at the Ref. Now, in the ring, he clotheslines the ref then lifts and throws him into the Cell wall from the ring.

As Punk tried to leave through the now open door, Ryback catches him but then Punk starts to crawl up the cage, Ryback goes after him too. On top of the cage, Ryback goes after Punk, and goes for Shell Shock on top of the Cell. The cage holds and Punk is down, now Ryback stands on the chest of Punk to end the PPV.

Next PPV will be Survivor Series on November 18th! See you then. I do want to say, sorry to all the readers for missing the last 2 out of 3 PPVs. Things have return to normal again.

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