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New re-designed WWE title debuts on RAW

The new WWE World Heavyweight title was introduced on Monday Night RAW yesterday, dropping the iconic “big gold” World Heavyweight title and modifying the recently re-designed WWE title. The new

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New WWE title cost $50,000 in development

The new WWE title which made its debut on RAW this past Monday night cost WWE more than $50,000 just in development. In an article on WWE.COM, Stan Stanski, the

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New WWE replica title for sale for $449.99

WWE has already started selling a replica of the new WWE title on the website, less than 24 hours after it was revealed on television. Selling for a whooping

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New WWE title makes its debut on RAW

The WWE spinner title that is attributed to John Cena is no more as a new WWE belt made its debut last night on RAW. Taking a more “traditional” look

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