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William Regal undergoes second neck surgery

William Regal

NXT coach William Regal underwent a second neck operation last week which was performed by WWE’s medical director Dr. Joseph Maroon. In an interview with the WWE.COM, Regal revealed that he underwent a procedure called laminectomy, where they go in and completely clean out the calcium deposits from the back. The surgery lasted just over an hour...

Liger coming to NXT Takeover at request of William Regal

William Regal

In a post on Twitter, William Regal said that people are over-analyzing the arrival of Jushin “Thunder” Liger at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn because the fact is that there is no back story and it was just a favor he cashed in. “Sometimes just being around enough you can call a friend. It really is as simple as me making a call to a friend...

William Regal to appear at WrestleCon on WrestleMania Sunday

William Regal

Bruno Sammartino was going to attend this year’s WrestleCon, a convention held during the WrestleMania weekend where several pro wrestling legends meet up to have pictures and autographs with fans. However WWE pulled Sammartino from the event after he agreed to enter the Hall of Fame which will be held in Madison Square Garden. To make up...