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Former WCW announcer Lee Marshall passes away


KFBK News Radio reported yesterday that former WCW announcer Lee Marshall has passed away with no cause of death announced. Marshall was the co-host of WCW Thunder and also had interview duties on the WCW Saturday Night program as well. He often appeared on Nitro doing his Road Reports although he was never a big part of WCW’s flagship...

12 years ago today: The end of WCW Nitro


Twelve years ago, the Monday night wars came to a close with a shocking night on television: Vince McMahon announcing live on RAW that he purchased WCW and his son Shane McMahon appearing on Nitro to say it’s him he bought WCW and not his father. A surely once-in-a-lifetime episode of RAW and Nitro came together with a simulcast – RAW...