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Mr. Anderson returns to Impact and targets Bully Ray

Mr. Anderson made his return to TNA Wrestling yesterday during the live Impact tapings, a month and a half after he was laid out by Bully Ray at the end of their last man standing match at the No Surrender-themed

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Mr. Anderson says he’ll be back with TNA soon

In a recent interview with the 4th & Pain audio show, former TNA champion Ken Anderson said that he expects to return to TNA in the next few days. Anderson’s contract with the company expired and his name was removed

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Ken Anderson and Mickie James removed from TNA website

Both Mr Anderson and Mickie James were removed from the roster page of the TNA official website at ImpactWrestling.com, pretty much signaling the end of their time with the company. Contracts for the duo expired and Anderson was written out

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Mr Anderson’s status with TNA remains a mystery

Mr Anderson’s status within TNA remains a mystery as the former two time TNA champion was written out of television during Thursday’s Impact with his contract expiring next month. Similar to the case of AJ Styles’ contract negotiations with the

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