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WWE’s statement on Flair’s release suggest ugly breakup

WWE announced that they released Ric Flair last night in a super short statement that was missing the customary “we wish him luck in his future endeavors” sentence.

The statement simply read, “We have come to terms on the release of Ric Flair as of today, 8/03/2021,” suggesting that things did not end on a good note between the two parties.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer hinted that Flair didn’t ask to be let go, but was fired after he complained about the booking involving his daughter.

The 16-time champion signed a new WWE deal last year and said that while it was not a contract for life, he wished that WWE would renew it every time. This came on the heels of Flair handing over his trademark of “The Man” to WWE, a fight which Flair took public.

Upon learning of the release, Sting – who shares a long history with the Nature Boy – tweeted a GIF of Flair chopping him and writing “Woooo!”

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