WWE World Heavyweight title makes it on the Chicago Tribune sports front page


For the past few years, WWE has been sending replica titles to sports teams who win an NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB championship.

These replica titles feature custom side plates with the logo of the winning team, and WWE ships them out in time so they can display or wear them during the celebrations.

And this year, for the Chicago Cubs, it was no different. After a 108-year wait, the Cubs finally won the World Series and Triple H immediately tweeted a photo of the WWE World Heavyweight title replica that was going their way.

24-year old Chicago Cubs player Kris Bryant seemed like he took over the title when it was delivered and was carrying it throughout the celebration, which made every television news in the United States.

And if you wonder why WWE even bothers to do this gesture, well, the front page of the Chicago Tribune sports section featured an almost full-page photo of Bryant with the WWE World Heavyweight title replica on his shoulder.

WWE always gets what they want out of this, and that’s free advertising!