WWE unsuccessfully tries to move lawsuit from Texas to Connecticut


WWE has tried to move a copyright lawsuit from the state of Texas to their home state of Connecticut however the judge has laid the smackdown on the company and shot down the request.

Composer James D. “Papa” Berg of Irving, Texas, sued WWE in federal court in Dallas last July after he claimed the company was making use of his music without authorization.

Berg’s lawsuit says that he composed several entrance songs for WWE Superstars and Divas and WWE registered his work under the company instead of him so he doesn’t get any royalties.

WWE tried to move the lawsuit but U.S. District Judge Jane Boyle disagreed, saying in her May 15 order that WWE failed to show good reason why the case would be better tried in Connecticut.

The judge added that since WWE is available in Texas and their products are also available for sale in Texas, the state “has a definite interest in insuring that one of its citizens be able to prosecute his claims at home.”

And that’s the bottom line…