WWE Superstars praise Curtis Axel


The (re)debut of Curtis Axel as the third Paul Heyman guy got a lot of positive and encouraging tweets from fellow WWE Superstars who were excited that the man behind the character is finally getting his push.

“Genuinely proud of @WWEMcGillicutty. Go get em, kid!” wrote the current World Heavyweight champion Dolph Ziggler.

Chris Jericho said he was proud and excited to see Hennig in the spotlight. “He’s been waitin for this his whole life. Somewhere Mr Perfect is smiling his mischievous grin,” Jericho wrote.

“Everything Paul touches turns to gold…. We see money in Curt Axel,” said the account of the Bella Twins, followed by two kisses.

Paul Heyman, who is now managing the 33 year old, said that he always wanted to manage Mr Perfect. “A better-than-Perfect debut tonight,” Heyman wrote, adding a photo of a younger Heyman resting his head on the chest of a smiling Mr Perfect.