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WWE pay-per-views viewership get a big bump on Peacock

Explaining the latest financial numbers with investors, WWE President Nick Khan explained how they noted in jump in viewing figures ever since they made the switch to Peacock for the WWE Network in the United States.

Citing a few pay-per-view numbers, Backlash in May was up 26% compared to 2020 while Hell In A Cell was up 25%. A big jump was registered to Money In The Bank which had an increase of 46% in viewership compared to last year. Khan also said that the numbers were also up from 2019 but he did not provide any numbers for comparison.

Comcast this week announced that it has over 50 million subscribers for Peacock although only a fraction of that number are paid subscribers while the rest are on the free tier. The WWE Network is part of the $4.99 paid tier. Comcast also said that the service will be rolling out to the United Kingdom via Sky in a few months and globally via third party providers after.

Khan also said that the company is actively seeking international partners for the WWE Network similar to what they did with Peacock in the United States. “As we begin our efforts to license WWE Network internationally, we’re encouraged by the trends we saw this quarter, and are confident we will continue to see success as we engage with our partners internationally. More on that to come in the future,” Khan said during the call.

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