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What?! Shawn Michaels cuts off his pony tail!

Remember when Triple H cut off his pony tail several years ago and everyone freaked out? Well, his former DX tag team partner Shawn Michaels decided to do the same!

Michaels, who nearly always had long hair during his wrestling career, cut off his pony tail at a barber shop in Lakeland, Florida. The barber, Evan Dell, posted on Facebook a photo of the new-looking HBK but the post was taken down later.

“Today i had the honor of meeting a childhood hero of mine Shawn Michaels, and getting him ready for Wrestlemania this weekend. Shawn has had the pony tail for over 20 years, and today he had me cut it off and give him a new look,” Dell wrote in the now-deleted post. “Such a genuine and down to earth guy it was such a privilege being trusted with the famous locks.”

But don’t worry…once it’s on the Internet…it’s there forever, right? Yep! Here’s a look at the new pony tail-less Shawn Michaels.

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