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Vince McMahon says he’d listen to an offer for WWE being absorbed or sold

During the conference call with investors earlier today, Vince McMahon answered a question regarding if he would be willing to sell WWE to a bigger corporation, similar to what the UFC did as well as Time Warner, who just announced a deal with AT&T.

Vince McMahon, Chairman and CEO, replied saying, “We’re open to anything but I think that you know controlling all of the dust is so important. And I don’t know well how much you lose control over that you know by being absorbed or sold or what have you, but again, we’re to open to anything, we’re business people, so it’s not a question of if the right deal came along, it’s one of those things where you do, to do any good reviews, we’re listening.”

McMahon continued, “Otherwise you know we’re creating our own content, which extremely valuable as George said over all platforms and that’s important. The old content is king is true, maybe truer today than it’s ever been. So we’re open for business.”

A similar question was posed at the last conference call and WWE Chief Strategy and Financial Officer George Barrios responded to that question.

“As far as the private transaction look, as you know us, we are always willing to listen and all we care about is doing what’s best for our audience, for our shareholders, and for our employees. So, if someone’s got a great idea, we’re open to listening to it,” Barrios said at the time.

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