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Vince McMahon discusses WWE Network with investors

WWE held a conference call today with investors to talk about the WWE Network with CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon and Chief Strategy & Financial Officer George Barrios taking calls.

No new information was given out during the call other than what was released already to the media. Regarding the $9.99 price, there will be a yearly price listed as well although no mention of a discount if you pre-pay for a whole year.

Barrios said that based on that price and an estimate of two to three million subscribers, their content delivery price will be around $1 per subscriber and obviously much higher for less than 2 million.

Describing the response from fans and media as enormous, they said that they expect a million subscribers by the end of 2014 and an additional 750K to another million by the end of 2015 once it rolls out internationally.

Discussing the idea that the Network might hurt their TV partners, Vince McMahon said  that USA Network thinks that the Network will deliver more traffic to USA. He made it clear that there’s no new deal in place yet with NBC Universal to renew RAW and Smackdown and hopes to have an announcement after WrestleMania.

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